Case study solution – new york racing association and epa compliant

I. Introduction
A. Brief overview of the New York Racing Association (NYRA)
New York Racing Association is a non-profit corporation that organizes three largest Thoroughbred horse racing tracks in New York City, USA. Their mission is to meet the high standards in thoroughbred racing with complete safety. NYRA was founded in 1955 to promote and encourage Thoroughbred horse racing, it has a significant influence on the local and regional economy. NYRA’s main objective is to provide world-class racing experiences while ensuring the preservation and protection of the environment. Continue reading

Case study solution – race discrimination alleged at mccormick & schmick’s seafood restaurants, inc

I. Introduction
A. McCormick & Schmick’s is a famous American seafood restaurant chain based in Portland, Oregon. The food chain is famously known for its happy-meal and landmark half-Pound cheeseburgers. As per the reports in July 2021 McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants are actively operating in 25 different locations in the USA as well as 5 Canadian states with the name Boathouse. The restaurant chain has faced several allegations of case discrimination against its employees in its workplace. The aim of this case study is to analyze the circumstances and explore the implications for both the company as well as the affected life of employees. Continue reading