Strategic Analysis of Nissan - SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

Strategic Analysis of Nissan – SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

An essential process that helps businesses evaluate their present condition, future goals, and the methods needed to achieve those goals is a strategic review of their operations. All business must do a strategic review to succeed since it provides a full and objective examination of the company’s present condition, identifies its strengths and weaknesses, & plots a clear path for future growth and success (Natalis 2022). Continue reading

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COLL300 I001 Winter 2023 – Enhancing Supply Chain Management Policies for American Red Cross


Supply chain management is a critical area for non-profit organizations, such as the American Red Cross, that rely on the timely and efficient delivery of goods and services to their clients and beneficiaries. Effective supply chain management can help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the organization’s ability to respond to emergencies and disasters (Jusko, 2009). Continue reading

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Essay Writing – Farm Subsidies by US Government

The Government’s financial benefits paid by a specific industry for the benefit of business are unknown as the farm subsidies. These subsidies reduce the farmer’s risk from harsh weather, bad commodities and demand disruptions. These subsidies only help the large producers. There were 10 crops grown in the US, and the Government subsidized only 5 of them. States like Texas and Washington received these subsidies (Williams, 2020). Continue reading

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  1. What has been the impact of the new public management and does it continue to have relevance for public administration? Your response should focus primarily on Canada, but you can certainly refer to other countries (e.g., New Zealand, the UK, and the US). In your response, you should comment on whether the adoption of new public Management principles has been a progressive or regressive development.
  2. The federal government is facing several critical human resource management (HRM) challenges. Identify these challenges and assess the impact that they will have on the future of public-sector employment.

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DFS Furniture – Market Entry Strategy

In the United Kingdom, DFS is a well-known couch manufacturer. On calf leather sofas, fabric sofas, cowhide sofas, and other types of sofas, as well as corner sofas and beds, DFS can be found. We have the largest sofas, the most up-to-date frames, and an excellent client list thanks to our 40 years of experience. DFS Furniture PLC is a household name in the furniture and fixtures industry in the United Kingdom. Continue reading


Effective organizational changes and reconstruction of management strategies are highly required in the dynamic business environment of the contemporary industry.  The drastic changes in consumer behaviors and market uncertainty lead to change management properly for sustainable business growth in the business of 21st century. Supermarkets have also faced huge challenges in the shifting of consumers from physical stores to shopping through E-commerce sites in the new normal era. Continue reading

Case stury analysis - Coca Cola company

Customer Experience Strategy: Coca-Cola

The aim of this report is to understand the customer experience (CX) strategy for Coca-Cola’s Sprite in the UK. The analysis delves into defining CX, creating a Generation Z consumer persona, mapping their journey, reviewing the efficiency of omnichannel marketing, and evaluating performance indicators, all while acknowledging the crucial role that CX plays in fostering customer loyalty. Continue reading

Zara Case Study Analysis - Identify and Suggesting Emerging Technologies to Zara

Zara Case Study Analysis – Identify and Suggest Emerging Technologies to Zara

Change is inevitable which in the business world plays a very significant role. with the emergence of new technologies in the market, the need to bring changes in the business model, operations, planning, and decision-making is taking place. Competition is the primary concern because of which companies are willing to invest more in the utilization of new technologies. Continue reading

GBS BSU BMA 6000 Solution - Impact of Social Media on Society and Business

GBS BSU BMA 6000 Solution – Impact of Social Media on Society and Business

This research develops the impact of social media on society. The main focus is on its implication in management and business. The research aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of social media business operations, communications, and marketing strategies. Examining the positive and negative effects on business management of social media will identify many challenges and opportunities that arise from integration. Continue reading