Report on Acute Nephritic Syndrome

Report on Acute Nephritic Syndrome


Background on the Disease (demographic distribution, prevalence, etc)

Acute nephritic syndrome (ANS) refers to a group of symptoms that come to the surface with some specific disorders that trigger the swelling and inflammation of the glomeruli in the kidney, or glomerulonephritis (Medline Plus, 2020). The prevalence rate of this disease is quite wider in Continue reading

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A Case Study in the Telecom Industry


Alcatel-Lucent Atrium Wireless Call Server is the company that deals with various sites as a team in different time zones. The company creates the best team and identify the problems or issues arise in the process and find out the solution based on different business strategy. Also, they used various techniques to minimize problems.

Business situation

With different sites and time zone, the complexities arise in the business due to which many projects that outsourced are failed. In two-site projects also companies are struggling and facing problems (Stroube et al. 2019). Many companies show the negative review by giving up the project and express their view that the projects which are based on various sites and time zones are not able to get completed. Besides, it is also add on that the project circulates over five sites in five different countries having a different time zone and also different culture brings complexity.

Problems and solutions

Five different cultures to manage the teams in five different time zones are considered as the biggest challenge. The local interest is first taken care by the individual sites due to this the politics arise between the inter-site. The major challenge is the difference in the culture. The dependency in cross-site is increased due to the communication links in the inter-site is multiplied with each new site (Visan, Ionita & Filip, 2020). Besides, between the office and home life the dim lines formed because of the overlap requirements with other sites in the environment of the multiple time zones. Due to the requirement of the particular skills the challenges arise in the team between India and China. Keep the learning curve of the new team members are small and keep the low abrasion is also a challenge. The solution for these problems is to keep an expert in every team and apply the right strategy with accurate execution and a positive attitude.

Complexity factor

The main complexity element is to manage the five different sites of different countries with different time zone and cultures and with that to maintain the cost of the company (Stroube et al. 2019). To minimize this issue management team identifies a strategy to achieve the key objective of the business. The main objectives of the company are to keep the overall cost low and to that, they create a structure for a unique and futuristic team and their job is at countries that have high-cost to keep the main functions in it and at low-cost countries the rest of the functions shifted. In India the development and testing teams are build-up by the help of the architecture team, and vendor and front-end team of the USA so that the cost can be controlled. Besides, to meet the resource pool of Leverage Alcatel’s worldwide the extra sites are added in China, France and Russia and this is one of the key objectives of the company. The project management team works closely with the other team like the development and testing team to control the cost.

The technology used to minimize the risk, problems, and complexity The various technology is used in different sectors of the company and they are: To grow the team in different countries the company hires the new graduates and brings with the existing members who has an experience in WCS (Rizomyliotis et al. 2020). The project manager also organizes the various training to train the members and visit all the sites to maintain the day to day activities. Besides, there are different countries involve in the business and on a daily basis they exchange emails in different languages which create an issue so instead of that they use messenger, Net meeting, and collaboration sites to improve communication. The online resource assignment system is used by the company to manage the different sites according to their time zone. The management plays an important role in reducing the team issues, infrastructure problem and reduce the culture differences (Asamoah et al. 2019). The leader helps to reduce all the risks by creating an interactive session with team. Use advance technology to improve infrastructure. Besides, to reduce the cultural differences the company communicate with their clients and use the technology so that the communication gap will not arise.


Based on the above study it can be concluded that the company can solve a problems and run the business with a profit if the management is handled properly. Also, the company’s various problems are identified like culture and time zone differences and find solutions. Besides, company use various techniques which helps the company to maintain the cost and help in solving the problems.


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Proposal Writing on Data Analysis Project


Patients with Type II diabetes have often been found to suffer from coronary diseases. Although, the rates of such occurrences have decreased considerably because of the availability of a  variety of medications and medical tools, yet there still remains an increased risk of CHD for diabetic patients (Carson et al., 2014). This report analyzes the data obtained to draw certain  observations related to the relationship between coronary heart diseases and their diabetes. In addition to this, the report also aims at identifying two of the competencies that would further be tied up with appropriate recommendations to enable effective implementation.

Identification of competencies

This project is mainly concerned about grasping an understanding of the relationship between coronary heart disease with diabetes. The data set has been obtained and has been thoroughly identified. In order to reduce the risk of the two threats among the races identified, two  competencies have been proposed. These competencies have been chosen from foundational competencies and concentration competencies, one from each of the two categories. The foundational competency that has been identified clearly aligns with the designing of a policy, program or intervention methodology that is based upon the population under study. An ideal approach would be to intervene in all stages of the life of an individual suffering from either CHD or diabetes or both. This would help in the analysis of both the risks as well as the preventive measures that the patient can adopt to prevent further degradation. Hence, the best way to achieve the desired results is to develop an intervention program that would address the needs of the patients. This program would be designed in a way that it would serve as an effective means for encouraging the diabetic patients to eat a healthy and nutritious diet as well as improve physical activities. It would also aim at influencing the patients to manage the disease through the implementation of appropriate daily routines. The concentration competency, on the other hand, aims to design solutions to such problems by addressing as well as applying the health policies and health education norms. In addition to this, such competencies deploy self-efficacy and self-encouragement through the literacy program to bring about a stark change in the target population. Therefore, aligning with this competency, this project aims to develop a kit that would be distributed to the target audience for the desired result. This kit would comprise of brochures to educate the masses as well as glucometer for the purpose of measuring the blood-sugar level. Moreover, health fairs would be the best way for the  distribution of these kits as well as generating awareness among the people.

Data Analysis

To derive a better understanding of the relationship between CHD and diabetes, the study made use of secondary data. The main focus of the data obtained to rationalize various aspects such as cigarette smokers across the existing demographic groups in the country. The data that was used for the purpose of the analysis was obtained from the NHANES survey 2007-2008. It consisted of 10,000 participating respondents. The data obtained was then subjected to two t-tests. The target population was the age group of 37-101 years. They were divided according to their race, educational level as well as citizenship. On the whole, the target population comprised 4000 male that approximated to 40% of the population while 4000 were female and 2000 accounted for others. Conducting an education level survey helped in finding out that the majority of the population had received less than 8 years of education. This consisted of nearly 2600 individuals while 2400 of them had completed high school. Only 900- 1000 in each category had completed post-high school, college, and post-graduation. This clearly proves the need for education among the target group. Only education and awareness can serve the purpose of  alleviating such health issues. Moreover, it was found that nearly 9380 of them have consumed at least 100 cigarettes in their lifetime while only a minor population had either never smoked or smoked less. Studies have also revealed that persons who have smoked at least five cigarettes each day are at a higher risk of developing coronary heart diseases (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention., 2010). This clearly indicates the absence of awareness among the individuals for the occurrence and recurrence of such chronic diseases. Smoking is considered as the biggest threat for Coronary Heart Diseases. Reports have revealed that smoking is responsible for more than 140000 premature deaths. Hence, the data obtained clearly proves that all the identified competencies need to align with the motive of increasing awareness as well as the literacy rate among the population. In addition to this, the sample tests have revealed that nearly 6000 individuals suffer from combined diseases that are both CHD as well as diabetes. This accounts for nearly 60% of the total population. The narrow margins by which the mean and standard deviation varies clearly highlights the precision with which the data has been obtained.


It is recommended that the intervention program that is to be implemented should comply with the needs of the population. To ensure that quality treatment is provided to the patients, it is further recommended that the program should align with policies that enhance public  awareness (Institute of Medicine (US)., 2010). This can be made possible if the health committee recommends the state jurisdictions and governments to ensure that more importance is given to population-based interventions as compared to individual cases (Kelly & Fuster, 2010). Moreover, this program should also try to treat the systolic pressure, especially among the  elderly as is evident from the results. Moreover, the program should arrange for regular classes to enhance the literacy rates. These classes should be associated with reward programs such that the individuals of the population may be encouraged to attend the same. Finally, policies should be developed in a manner that the state should work in close coordination with the health workers to reduce diabetes and CHD. The distribution of health kits at the health fairs seem to be a good opportunity to spread awareness among the individuals. However, keeping an eye on the highest level of population among the population, it is quite predictable that the majority of the people would not be able to use the glucometers. Therefore, it is recommended that separate units be arranged where the individuals would be demonstrated as to how to use the device. In addition to this, they should also be made aware of the benefits of using such devices. In  addition to this, the health fairs should have appropriate health check-up units to check for the blood-sugar level of each visitor. Moreover, the brochures that are contained in the kit should be thoroughly explained to the patients. There should be provisions for assistance in case the individuals face problems with using the glucometer at home. Above all, the kits should be manufactured at a low cost such that the users of the kit can purchase them easily. This is because the majority of the population belongs to the lower middle class with only a few of them having an income above $5000.


The report has analyzed the data set that was obtained to derive a relationship between coronary heart disease and diabetes. Analysis of the data set revealed the lack of education and awareness as well as negligence towards the health of the participants. Therefore, the two competencies that have been identified align with the designing of deliverables and programs to meet these challenges.

References List

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An Essay on Strategic Management


Businesses all around the world have been affected adversely since the spread of the COVID 19.  In this state of adversity, proper Strategic Management is the only key to success. It takes into
consideration the current position of the organization, makes an analysis of its strengths and
weaknesses, and formulates plans of action. In the current situation businesses and companies
are adopting new techniques to support their organization and keep working
(,2020). Laptops, desktops and other necessary types of equipment are being
made available to the employees at their residence along with internet service providers. Virtual
meetings and Video Conferencing for sharing regular updates are being implemented by making
provisions for funds to purchase the hardware and software equipment needed for the business.

Critical thinking and insights

Currently, the world is suffering from a pandemic but thinking about employees working from
their homes comfortably and continuing business practices by following Strategic Management
gives people a sigh of relief. It not only helps them in achieving their long and short term goals
within the stipulated time but also affects the quality in other ways. Because of following
strategic management, there exists flexibility of working conditions, there are fewer distractions,
employees are safe at their homes close to their families. The stress is comparatively less and the
productivity is relatively more. But like there are two sides to a coin, there exist a few drawbacks
like isolation from their co-workers, difficulty in making a distinction between work and home
and dividing your hours, endless work, and others. Companies with its strategic management
approach are now forwarding for establishing a command centre, delivering the tools and
keeping track of every activity so that they can plan ahead of the systems to be undertaken. This
will cause reduced impact to the businesses even in this vulnerable pandemic situation
(, 2020).

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