Essay on Good Health always leads to Wealth

Essay on Good Health always leads to Wealth


The connection between health and wealth is known as the “gradient”: health progresses when the pay increases and the needy have harsher fitness than the wealthy, which means the greater the gradient improved will be the health. Money is always related to a person’s well-being. The connection is very straightforward between the two of them, the more money people have, the better situation they stand in buying the resources which can fulfil all their needs and health is one of them. Dealing with a small revenue is traumatic. People tend to compare themselves with people who are in higher positions which may sometimes lead to health issues. In my real life, I faced an incident like this in my organization where I used to work a few years back, there existed a colleague who became the victim of depression as he faced exploitation by the management which resulted in a stressful environment with very low pay. This guy use to work extra hours and was very much dedicated to the company but the management did not recognize his efforts and kept on exploiting him without raising his salary and hardly any appraisal. We used to sit together so he shared his issues with me and told me that he is starting to forget things on some days and is not able to concentrate on the work. I knew what his issues in the back of his mind were so I offered him help and took him to a therapist who could solve his issues through counselling. Later I also introduced him to a friend of mine who offered him a new job with a 10% increment in pay and promised incentives as well as extra sales.

Thesis Statement

A healthy lifestyle is a key to success. Money can be earned again, but health cannot be regained if gets lost.


“Nothing succeeds like success”. We all are cognizant of this legendary quote. Every entrepreneur and employee wants to achieve success in their lives. The traits of business-like reliability, imaginative ideas, profitable business growth fields and high transactions do overlay the route for achievement. However, the actual planning for a fruitful life begins much graver. It is to switch over to a nutritious life and to refrain from poor lifestyle preferences. A balanced body, great endurance, and fresh eating habits go a long path in maintaining you’re strength. Therefore, individuals can play healthier at jobs and in business. It adds up to the success story. There are some guidelines for healthy lifestyle choices such as eating junk food can block professional productivity hence switching to healthy eating habits which include nutritious food will always help. Also engaging in a low-carb diet increases the energy level and reduces body fat as well. Scientists and universal therapists indicate that the human body is suited for painstaking responsibilities. Hence, a routine exercise schedule is essential to healthy staying. What we believe we turn out to be that person only. When the mind believes plentiful, it effortlessly draws profusion. Maintaining the mind in the constructive phase is important. Meditation can always help in keeping the mind peaceful and enhances the mind to think creatively in different aspects of life((“A Healthy Lifestyle Increases Career Success”, 2020)).
According to Kevin J Donaldson, an individual can only succeed in life if he or she has a good energy level, has a healthy weight, also possess a healthy immune system. Also, it does not happen naturally, every individual should be able to take care of themselves. In this competitive world, where stress and anxiety have overruled all rules of a good and balanced health situation, it has become very essential for people to make healthy choices. A healthy way of life is all about stability and making healthy selections most of the time. People can begin at any moment in time to build a healthier tomorrow and just because anybody ate a slice of cake last evening does not suggest that they have tumbled off the trail. According to a report published by WHO in May 2019, engaging people in work is great for mental health but a pessimistic functioning atmosphere can lead to somatic and mental health troubles. Provocation and intimidation at work are frequently stated challenges and can have a considerable unfavourable influence on mental health (“Mental health in the workplace”, 2020). WHO pressurises on the point that a healthy place of work can be portrayed as one where employees and managers aggressively participate in the labouring atmosphere by supporting and safeguarding the health, and wellbeing of all employees? Companies must assist people with mental illnesses in either ongoing or returning to work. Research indicates that joblessness, especially long-term joblessness, can have a negative influence on mental health (“The Effects of Discrimination in the Workplace”, 2020). Article 27 of The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) offers a lawfully requisite global context for supporting the rights of individuals with incapacities (including psychosocial disabilities). It acknowledges that every individual with incapacity has the right to work, should be handled uniformly and not be victimized, and should be offered with assistance in the workplace((Keuilian, 2020).
In addition to the aspects discussed above, the core values of interconnectedness, involvement, and faith lead to the perspective that health is dependent on the organizational culture in a workplace. Core values related to organizational culture can reduce the factors which lead to emotional issues and hence lowers the stress and anxiety within individuals. Chasing for money without considering the aspects which are required for a balanced lifestyle leads to nowhere and people might end up getting emotionally disturbed by the consequences that they must face(“Why Good Health is Essential for a Successful Life”, 2020).


Concluding the essay, one should be reminded that a healthy lifestyle is the ladder to success. It is very easy to get comfortable with our lifestyles, connecting ourselves with a healthy lifestyle can always have fruitful effects on career development and enhances the productivity of any individual. However, the organizations should also work towards maintaining s healthy culture so that employees do not feel disturbed or get emotionally upset with the outcomes.