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An Essay on Strategic Management


Businesses all around the world have been affected adversely since the spread of the COVID 19.  In this state of adversity, proper Strategic Management is the only key to success. It takes into
consideration the current position of the organization, makes an analysis of its strengths and
weaknesses, and formulates plans of action. In the current situation businesses and companies
are adopting new techniques to support their organization and keep working
(,2020). Laptops, desktops and other necessary types of equipment are being
made available to the employees at their residence along with internet service providers. Virtual
meetings and Video Conferencing for sharing regular updates are being implemented by making
provisions for funds to purchase the hardware and software equipment needed for the business.

Critical thinking and insights

Currently, the world is suffering from a pandemic but thinking about employees working from
their homes comfortably and continuing business practices by following Strategic Management
gives people a sigh of relief. It not only helps them in achieving their long and short term goals
within the stipulated time but also affects the quality in other ways. Because of following
strategic management, there exists flexibility of working conditions, there are fewer distractions,
employees are safe at their homes close to their families. The stress is comparatively less and the
productivity is relatively more. But like there are two sides to a coin, there exist a few drawbacks
like isolation from their co-workers, difficulty in making a distinction between work and home
and dividing your hours, endless work, and others. Companies with its strategic management
approach are now forwarding for establishing a command centre, delivering the tools and
keeping track of every activity so that they can plan ahead of the systems to be undertaken. This
will cause reduced impact to the businesses even in this vulnerable pandemic situation
(, 2020).

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