Report on Impact of Technology on Children

Report on Impact of Technology on Children


Today’s world has been steadily moving towards a generation where children are addicted to mobile phones and televisions. It is as if they have not yet tasted the good old golden days when children used to play outdoors and develop physical as well as mental growth. However, it has been assessed by different scholars and studies conducted by agencies that technology is hurting children physically, and psychologically and developing cognitive stress. Henceforth, it is assessed that children are now more prone to face diabetes and obesity due to abnormalities noticed in their behaviours. The school environment is now appearing to be a stranger for the students and is in constant search of time to just grab the mobile or sit near the television mode.
This essay has outlined one of the crucial issues that parents are now giving serious thought to, especially in the North American regions. The essay has broadcasted the way technology is hurting the children and leading them to a damage path that will incur nothing apart from stress, anxiety and loss of physical stability. Two sources have been focused on that have discussed broadly the detrimental impact of technology on children in the 21st century.


The negative impact of technology on children and it is hurting them
From the two sources ‘Impact of Technology on Child’s development and ‘Is the internet hurting children, it is justified that technology has not been playing a harnessing role in the current era. Being too engrossed with technological tools such as mobile phones and android games has developed physical issues like psychological disorders and cognitive impair ability. This has accounted many parents to question as to whether technology is a boon or a curse for their children. It has been reported that with the overuse of technology, children are having increased symptoms of losing the skill of creativity and becoming stagnant. Some physical abnormalities have been noticed like the shaking of the body parts or high breathing senses and increased heart rate that has created an unease sensation for the children. Technology has created a limitation on behalf of both the parents and the children to even develop any kind of communication that is unfortunate for the part of the society and this is the real reason why some of the parents are even unaware of what’s going in the lives of their children.
Now, it has been recorded that almost 75% of children are having a television in their room and 50% of North Americans have their TV mode on all day. It is not only impacting the vision power and brain of the children but is causing stress to them that is yet unknown to the respondents. The dining table that was considered the central place for conversation to take place has now been replaced with a big screen television according to a study conducted by Kaiser Foundation. Hence, it is true that the internet in a real sense is hurting the children and making them homesick as the children of the 21st century have forgotten the concept of going outdoors and enjoying the natural beauty and inhaling the fresh air (Rowan, 2013). The 2010 Kaiser Foundation study showed that 7.5 hours every day are spent by children of elementary age near the TV which has ceased their power of imagination and destroyed their thinking potentialities (Clinton & amp; Steyer, 2012). It has been observed that students are now struggling to enter the premise of the school or the classroom due to a lack of self-regulation and attention skills. Even though the students are present physically and mentally they are in their world where they are playing games on their mobile or watching television. Child obesity and diabetes are a cause of this internet that has led the children to suffer mentally and physically and damage the interior organs to function in the normal way (Rowan, 2013).

Emerging technology has undoubtedly made the world think from a new angle and also changed the dynamics of society but just like risks come with opportunities; the scenario has been the same for children. The ways computer has changed the thinking style of kids is unimaginable. They are indeed thinking beyond times but physically and mentally, it is culminating in a devastating impact. From records, it has been shown that within 2 years in America, children are found to have an online history. The emergent results are serious and do not show marks of prosperity but rather create an alarm for the parents to think hard on the issue. According to Palmer (2015), the usage of computer or tablets have resonated the brain power and disabled the nervous system being active in children. West & Anderson have identified the usage of video games has spoiled cognitive and physical stability. Brown (2011) has made the parents now be alert of the issue and think before handing mobile phones to their children as they become addicted to them. Pagani, Fitzpatrick, Barnett, & Dubow, (2010) have supported the statement by stating that emotional delays are common among children when conducted in community-based research. Harris, Straker, Pollock, & Smith, (2015) have seen anxiety and depression cope among children since they are now disconnected from each other. Bel-Serrat et al., (2013) opined that cardiovascular risks are now at their extreme among children when diagnosed in the healthcare system. As a consequence of replacing the cartoons with television sets in the room of children, Cespedes et al., (2014) stated that children are now prone to less sleep where the organs are failing to respond actively.
(Levenson, Shensa, Sidani, Colditz, & Primack, (2016) stated that due to fewer sleeping hours, children are not able to concentrate on education and have almost forgotten outdoor activities. Bruni et al., (2015) stated that technology has made parents so engrossed with building their careers that they are not even aware of the whereabouts of their children. Hence, technology has played a crucial role of a hero and a villain for children. On one side where it cannot be ignored that technology is taking the children to think to the next level, it is also hampering their creativity and imaginary skills. Technological developments are undoubtedly various but it has limited the scope for children to grow mentally. Technology is certainly creating a harsh life for the children that will face ahead when they will start growing. It will snatch away the capability of their self-thinking and decisions on their own as they will by then have a stagnant brain. Children should be given the liberty to view movies or cartoons and even play video games but it is the responsibility of the parents to teach them of living a life where they have balanced mental and physical growth. Technology has been seen as a tool that has hurt children and ceased them to think freely based on their imagination and creative skills.


The essay has argued in favour of the source that the internet hurts children physically and mentally. From the sources, it has been realized that television and mobile phones have replaced outdoor games which have largely made children go stagnant in attention and developed behaviour disorder. Many health problems have taken shape with the over usage of TVs and mobile phones that has taken the children much away from books, family members and outdoor games. It has been argued in favour of the fact that technology is certainly a curse for children and has led parents to think serious about the issue.