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Report on Aplastic Anemia

Topic: Aplastic Anemia

1. Background (demographic distributions – prevalence or incidence, sex/race/age predilections, etc. – associated with the disease and the etiology of this disease process.

Considered a rare life-threatening disease, Aplastic anaemia (AA) is not so widespread. But it has been observed that the incidence and the median age at diagnosis that has been found to be varying according to geographical locations, eventually ranging from 1.5 to about 7 cases per Continue reading

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Python Task on War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy


Explain how your pseudo random numbers are produced.
– The pseudo random numbers without seed value. Will be take the nanosecond on posis system. Then move to text file base on position. So it will work.
– The pseudo rando number with seed value. Will be move to file with this position. That’s mean the random will be the same
“”” Continue reading

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Report on Reflective Discussion

The global crisis has affected most the business around the globe. Most businesses have turned digital and are operating their business online. The airline and the hotel business have turned digital way before the pandemic situation hit the world for the convenience of its consumers. It also eases the consumer to analyze better the deals and offers on various websites. Such Continue reading

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Report on Customer Relationship Management Plan

Problem Synopsis

The plan is regarding a spa-centric hotel chain, International Waters Inc. operating for two years. The firm is located on the west coast of the US and both east and west coast of Mexico. All the services that the company provides are based on water features or spas. Recently through the CSR database and customer surveys, the company has realised a problem that they cannot build Continue reading

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Report on Analysis Of HIV/AIDS And Supporting Programmes

I. Description of the Health Issue

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) can be considered to be one of the most prevalent health and social problem that the world is facing now. This infection spreads because infected people do not tend to take precautions and safety measures seriously or because of badly organized health services. This study aims to determine the problems that HIV/AIDS patients go through and to bring forward some programs that are generated to cater to their needs. Continue reading