Medical film review

Report on Film Sicko

The film Sick points out the different irregularities being done in the US healthcare system. Almost 50 million Americans are uninsured and the rest of the people are the victims of red Taoism and fraud of these companies who are denying medical assistance to the insured (Rosenthal pp. 185-228). Moore has interviewed many previous employees of insurance companies to find out about the irregularities in the administration to provide healthcare services to the deserving (Moore, pp. 331). From his discussion with the insurance employees, he has come to know that the insurance companies and the associated physician doctors find reasons for the company in order to deny deserving medical aid to the people in the name of cost-cutting and thereby increasing the profitability of the company. This film depicts that prior to the ACA act or Obama care in which insurance companies don’t have any legal restrictions on discriminatory practices.
With the practices, they were denying them from being given health care assistance through high amount of premiums which are unaffordable, and also refusing assistance through evidence-based treatments or issuing junk policies which deny the protected ones to be employees, portrays the role of insurance companies to deny them proper health care system and the removal of ACA act will once again make the insurance companies play with the pensioner’s amount (Taylor).
Dr. David Himmelstein in his address to the audience based on his analysis of Moore‘s critically acclaimed documentary film Sicko showcases the reality of the Americans who even though pays a large sum of money as premiums to the large insurance companies for increasing theory corporate profitability are denying the medical assistance to the citizens who deserve it and posing a big threat to the healthcare systems in the states (Moore, pp. 331). He wants that an affordable Medicare system should be made available to US citizens as the current situation is very alarming as more Americans lack medical insurance compared to all time. Many of the serving people have to forget their assistance who are suffering from serious health problems like cancer and chest pain ad (Fleischer). All the irregularities done by the US health care system it is also causing a serious threat to the economic development of the country as it has been medical debts are a major cause of all the bankruptcies. Dr. Himmelstein criticizes that women often delay prenatal care or assistance as they can’t pay the high premium amounts.
There was a drastic impact of the Affordable Care Act also known as Obama care on the healthcare geography of U.S citizens. ACA has covered 20 million Americans in the US healthcare system and made them access different healthcare systems to citizens. The ACA coverage gains had made people get access to good healthcare facilities and have narrowed the income disparities between races and all ages and given equal assistance to both children and adults.
The medical aid has covered all the lower income groups and differently-abled citizens who weren’t able to access medical assistance and have enrolled them all in the system and asked the governments to expand the medical aid and the 90 percent cost should be funded for the lower income parents and elderly people (Rosenthal). With this assistance, a large number of people were covered and able to afford treatments for cancer, mental illness, and others. Another major impact of the ACA act was that healthcare has become more affordable. Young adults and senior citizens were also included in the system and benefited from the healthcare schemes of the government. According to the report, there were 2.3 million young adults who have gained coverage in the healthcare system were often denied healthcare benefits compare to elderly people.
There should be some improvements in the ACA one major part should be to cover the highly Vulnerable sections who are lower income groups and they should be provided worth more subsidies and benefits so that they are also covered in the healthcare system and can also get access to the latest medical diagnosis and get treated at a very low rate for their illness. highly would be to cater to the needs of middle-income Americans as most of them do not have access to tax savings and cost-sharing assistance and face challenges while enrolling for healthcare insurance.
Authorities should hire more full-time healthcare assistants to help people get enroll in the healthcare systems in newer states (Hern, pp. 99-126). Fully teamed healthcare assistants should be hired to enroll a large amount of the remaining Americans in the healthcare system and authorities have to make the budget to train and give them assistance to help.
Trump administration posed a serious threat to the Obama care or the ACA act because of their different policies reordering to dismantle the healthcare assistance provided by the government to its citizens. policies reorder have reduced the advertising cost and exchange navigators while cutting down the enrollment days in order to DE promote the ACA . Trump administration planned to construct cheaper insurance and lower quality insurance instead of ACA. Although the ACA was been still full fledge run wider in all the states and covered more Americans with the different policies and cut down the subsidies and tax benefits to the middle-income groups his administration posed a serious threat to the ACA which has covered half of the vulnerable and lower income groups and made them accessible to the different health assistance.
So, in order to sustain and make the remaining people enroll in this widely acclaimed healthcare system in the most developed economy the Trump administration must take new measures to keep it intact and improve the lives of millions (Rosenthal).
On Jan 28, the newly elected President Joe Biden signed an executive order which will direct the federal government to open a new enrollment period for pensioners from Feb 15 to May 15 for the Affordable care act. This was done in order to boost the benefit of the ACA and promote it in the several of 12 states and for those who are uninsured. Although it is still not unclear what will be the impact of his new bill it has given hope that it will cover more of the uninsured from the deserving class and expand the benefits to all the corners of the country.
The pandemic has hit and made a drastic impact on the economic, political, and healthcare systems of all counties irrespective of being developed or developing and the U.S was also severely affected by the Pandemic. But compared to all the other developed nations the U.S spends the most amount on the healthcare system spending approximately $11,100 Per person in healthcare and is the highest spender in the OECD countries Switzerland comes in second place worth spending $5,500 per person. This comparison shows that the U.S spends a good amount of money on the healthcare system and is helping its citizens to benefit and improve the lifestyle of the citizens of its country.