Report on Beveridge Model of Great Britain

Report on Beveridge Model of Great Britain

Health and human right are important factors of a country. These two needs to be emphasized for the development of human resources (Kos, 2019). Great Britain follows a model provided by Lord William Beverage in their health management system. As per this model, the government is bound to provide a safe health care system to its citizens and this system will be funded by money from taxpayers.

Economic factors
The demand for health services is increasing every year and spending also increases with it. The government of the UK is pledged to supply the mandatory health service to all the citizens and the expenditure on the health care sector is growing constantly in Great Britain. As per the Beveridge model, the government has an agency- the National Health Service, running by state funds takes the responsibility for health care security. This agency covers everything (Moisidou, 2017). This NHS offers ambulance rides to the hospital with all the necessary facilities like oxygen. They provide all the necessary arrangements at the hospital. From Chemotherapy to radiotherapy and critical surgery everything is free. Citizens are bound to pay their payroll taxes. A citizen of the UK feels no health care threat due to financial issues and medicines are also free with the medical visit. The financial crisis in 2008 made a declination in tax revenues but the spending increased. The UK health secretary, Jeremy Hunt made Tweet about the economic factors that, their country always covers health security without considering the financial condition of their Citizen.

Health Care Outcomes
Health care spending in the UK may be a little bit lower compared to other progressive countries but the government and NHS are doing their best to transform the UK into a healthier country. For long-term health crises and complex disorders, the NHS is doing their best and ensuring the safety of the Citizens. Following the Beveridge Model, the UK achieved 18th rank in the world index (Watson, 2018). As the government has huge pressure on Public health, some issues are left in the operating process. The UK Scored 60 on the 100-grade scale in the ranking process of the health care system. The UK has a very low infant mortality rate it is about 4.30 per 1000 births the UK got 185th place in the world ranking. These are some major Successes of the Beveridge model in the UK.

Equity in health care delivery
The government had a Record of spending 0.3% in GDP in the starting phase of the 20th century but in 1921 the government introduced the National Security Act and the amount of spending became more than 0.9% of GDP. With the creation of the NHS as per the direction of William Beveridge, in 1948 the spending on the health care sector increased. From the middle of the 20th century, spending became 3.5%. As the government is bound to pay for all the spending on health care after the 2008 economic Crisis government spent 7.65% of GDP on the Health care sector (Coutrot, Smith & Cornelsen, 2020). At that time government earns very less and still made no compromise with public health. From that situation, the amount of spending in the health care sector increased to more than 7% of GDP.

Access and affordability
The supreme health care facility provided by the NHS is free and accessible to all the citizens of Great Britain. In 2015 the service was no more free and the citizens have to pay a percentage from their pocket. That out-of-pocket payment is not mandatory, it is applicable for fewer cases and after a certain amount of spending. The citizens have to pay 14.8% from their pocket and this payment is also easily affordable for most of the citizens. Nearly 1% of the entire population face hardship in this payment.
Quality of care
NHS treated everyone with equal importance and showed equal compassion to all. Their target is to increase the effectiveness of their service to offer a good experience to their patients. A 2018 survey on cancer patients showed that more than 60% of patients are satisfied with the service and more than 85% of patients said they got helpful support at their treatment centre. Still working with so many people has risks and patients have to wait for taking service. To handle the whole population, the medical system does not have enough manpower (Bosnjak, Bosnjak & Cikic, 2019). This over-utilization of a system causes a long wait for the patients.

Government has a basic responsibility to ensure the health and security of its citizen. The social structure of a country should cover the health issues seriously as it is the basic human right of the citizen. This Beveridge Model has a social impact and it is followed by New Zealand, Spain and Denmark (Moisidou, 2017). This model emphasizes on health care as it is considered a basic human right. Even the former British colonial region of Hong Kong also follows an independent type of Beveridge model.