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A Study on how a Hotel Develops Long-Term Relationships with Different types of Customers


The hotel industry is considered a service industry as it involves different types of facilities that are provided to customers such as lodging and accommodation (Luu, 2017). In addition to this, there are various types of hotels that include budget & value hotels, Beach & Vacation resorts, family hotels etc. It has been identified that different facilities are provided to customers ranging from modest quality to large suites by hotels.
The current report is based on the JW Marriott hotel. It is a five-star hotel that consists of 23 stories and has 491 rooms along with 70 suites. The report emphasized on facilities provided by the selected brand to its customers. It also includes strategies adopted by the company for attracting a larger customer base.

Main Body

1. 5-star hotel in Malaysia
The current study reflects on JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur. It provides luxury facilities to customers related to accommodation. In addition to this, it also provides a venue for meetings and organizing social events in Kuala Lumpur. It provides different amenities such as a pool, free high-speed internet, a fitness centre and meeting space. The selected brand offers luxury comfort and convenient facilities to its customers (Marriott, 2020). It consists of rooms, extensive dining and other facilities to attract more customers to the company. It has a deluxe room, studio suite, one-bedroom suite and presidential suite. Along with this, it also provides spa facilities to customers that support enhancing larger market share.
Moreover, different customer groups are targeted by the selected organization such as business travellers, meeting groups and tourists. It has been observed that Marriott provides different types of luxury facilities to its customers that support attracting larger businessmen to the company. It targeted business travellers as they also require meeting rooms to carry out their business activities along with top-quality services. In addition to this, it offers fitness centres and many more facilities that help to carry out various business operations. Apart from this, meeting groups are targeted by the company so that it helps in enhancing sales and profitability by providing them effective services.
There are various value-added services offered by the selected organization to maintain a longer relationship with customers such as exclusive dining, rooms, meeting segment, fitness and other services such as spa. With the help of these entire offerings, Marriott hotel develops a longer-term relationship with customers by providing them with quality services and satisfying their needs and expectation (Shamsudin, Esa and Ali, 2019). It segments its services for different customer groups so that it supports in serving better facilities to each customer group and further helps in building effective relationships. Thus, along with all these facilities, Marriott offer restaurant to its customers.

2. Evaluation of facilities provided by the hotel
It has been observed that there are 491 rooms available in Marriott for attracting larger customers to the company. In addition to this, it offers dining facilities as well so that it gains more attention from customers. It also offers deluxe rooms & suites to customers along with leisure facilities so that it supports in attracting more customers. Luxurious dining and relaxing full service are provided along with different amenities by the selected organization (Kuala Lumpur, 2020). It provides elegant accommodation along with various dining choices. Apart from this, it is also a renowned company that includes meetings, conferences and social events in Kuala Lumpur.
Furthermore, it offers recreational facilities as well to the customers such as spa, gym etc. It has a fitness centre within the hotel so it is easy for the customer group to take care of health and supports the development of health and they did not find any change in their routine activities. Marriott provides them leisure services so customers get more attracted to the business. Providing these types of facilities to customers supports Marriott in building a brand image as well as a reputation in the market. A company must offer all these facilities so that it supports meeting customer demand and expectations.
It offers banquet facilities too including meeting rooms as it helps in facilitating different services to customers. It is necessary to provide all these facilities to customers so that it further supports the evaluation of different activities within the organization (Lahap and et. al 2016). A spa facility is provided so that customers feel good and take a spa facility that is also considered an effective facility as it serves in bringing out greater experience to customers. In addition to this, it also provides food and beverage outlets from Asian cuisine to western offering and along with this food are prepared by chefs who are award-winning and provide quality food to customers.

3. Product and services offered by a hotel
The selected brand offers various types of value-added services to its customers that support attracting larger customers to the business (Nieves, Quintana and Osorio, 2016). Marriott offers services to different customers as follows:
Business clients: – It offers services to business clients related to meetings rooms, dining facilities and fitness centres. Here, the gym is provided to clients so that they get refreshed from their work. It is important for business clients to get refreshments after having meetings so the selected organization provides recreational facilities to them that help in building a relationship with customers. In addition to this, with the help of these facilities, Marriott provides luxury amenities to its clients so that it further supports in attracting a larger customer base. Through different recreational facilities business, clients get more attracted as they get leisure life within Marriott.
Tourists: – It has been identified that for tourists the selected brand offers various value-added services that include dining and restaurant along with its different cuisines that provide them epic taste and enhance their interest in Marriott hotel. Luxury services are provided to tourists as various types of rooms such as deluxe, and suites to gain customer satisfaction (Rather and Sharma, 2017). For tourists, spas and gyms create value-added to their package and provide them with greater satisfaction towards the business. It has been observed that tourists are the main customer group that is targeted by the selected brand for enhancing its sale and profitability.
Meeting and conference delegates: – In this case, value-added service is linked with meeting rooms that are provided by the selected brand for conducting a meeting of people. In addition to this, a separate conference room is also available in the hotel so that people can organize their conference meetings within the hotel. At the time of the meeting, it also provides snacks to people that are present in the meeting so this is considered a value-added service by the business to its customers.

4. Strategies adopted by the hotel to attract more customers
The strategies used by JW Marriott for attracting more customers to the business are discussed below:
Be unique: – This is considered one of the most important strategies adopted by the selected brand to attract customers. In this case, differentiated services are provided by the business to remain unique in the market. For the purpose to attract a larger customer base Marriott used this strategy for enhancing its market share.
Focused on marketing campaign: – It is another strategy that emphasizes building a larger customer base for the business (Lappas, Sabnis and Valkanas, 2016). It provides an online presence to businesses and builds various communication channels for bringing potential customers to the selected brand.
Targeting the right audience: – A business must target the right market so that it further supports gaining customer interest in it. If the right audience is targeted by Marriott then it further helps in increasing the sale and profits of the business. Thus, these strategies are used by the selected organization for gaining the attention of customers towards it.
In addition to this, certain rewards are offered by Marriott to its customers such as free room services, free parking, free hotel room upgrade, free extra night etc. All these rewards are provided by the selected brand so that it supports attracting larger customers to the business (Choi and et. al 2016). The Marriott hotel must provide rewards so that it further helps in achieving growth and opportunities and has a greater chance to get succeed in the company. These different rewards provided by the business to customers are the loyalty program that involves the interest of the customer and achieves higher productivity in the market. It is important to provide a different experience to customers so that it is easy for a company to achieve larger success. Moreover, with the help of these rewards, Marriott can be able to gain a larger share in the market and enhance its business operations for the future.

5. Recommendations
It can be recommended that Marriott hotel will provide complimentary services to customers so that it supports retaining them for a longer period with the selected brand. It has been evaluated that offering complimentary service is considered an effective tactic that will help in enhancing profit as well as the sale of the business. The complimentary service includes free Wi-Fi service to customers so that it provides them pleasure and they sustain for the long term. In addition to this, the selected brand will implement effective technology into rooms so that it caters in fulfil customer expectations and needs and attract them to the firm.
It will adopt technology that provides an automatic opening of doors through smartphones so this is the new technology that caters for Marriott for retaining its customers the business. Apart from this, it is suggested that multiple communication channels will be offered by the selected organization to increase effective communication with customers. This supports attracting more customers and enhancing the productivity of the business.

From the above analysis, it can be evaluated that JW Marriott provides leisure facilities to its customers to gain customer satisfaction. It has been found that various types of services are provided by the business such as room, recreational, and banquet facilities to its customer group. In addition to this, for developing long-term relationships with customers it offers value-added services to its different customer groups. Further, various strategies are adopted by Marriott for retaining customers and along with this rewards are offered to them. It can be observed that for bringing improvement in services the selected organization will adopt certain tactics to attract customers in the future.