Strategic Analysis of Nissan - SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

Strategic Analysis of Nissan – SWOT and PESTLE Analysis

An essential process that helps businesses evaluate their present condition, future goals, and the methods needed to achieve those goals is a strategic review of their operations. All business must do a strategic review to succeed since it provides a full and objective examination of the company’s present condition, identifies its strengths and weaknesses, & plots a clear path for future growth and success (Natalis 2022). Continue reading

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COLL300 I001 Winter 2023 – Enhancing Supply Chain Management Policies for American Red Cross


Supply chain management is a critical area for non-profit organizations, such as the American Red Cross, that rely on the timely and efficient delivery of goods and services to their clients and beneficiaries. Effective supply chain management can help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the organization’s ability to respond to emergencies and disasters (Jusko, 2009). Continue reading