5 Things To Keep In Mind While Writing A Dissertation

A dissertation is different from an essay. The essay is relatively short. It usually concludes in 1500-2000 words.  But a dissertation is longer than that and covers more dynamics of a particular subject. It is like a thesis. But the difference between the two is, that thesis is usually written for a master’s degree or equivalent diploma and dissertation is required for doctorate degrees.

Dissertation writing can be a painful job. It may feel like a marathon – tiring, there is a quick deadline and you feel like you need more time! After all the hard work that you’ve done for 3-4 years, it may become exhausting. You can take online dissertation help if you are struggling with writing a quality dissertation or you can do extensive research and invest months in completing your dissertation. So whenever you are thinking about how to write a dissertation, follow these tips to make things smoother.

  1. Start Sooner

Because of its significance and size, dissertation writing process can easily become paralysed. Your dissertation will be meticulously checked and questioned by the panel of juries, your guide and other fellow students. All these facts may lead you to start writing it late, but the sooner you will start writing, it will be better. The more you write; you will be able to understand whether your argument is strong enough or you need to do more research to prove the same. You will also have to interact with the experts in the field, to get a perspective on your dissertation. Experts can also give a new direction to your dissertation. Start sooner, so that you can revise your writing and make it better.

  1. Set deadlines early

It is always easy to aim and work towards achieving the same. It applies to dissertation writing as well. Setting deadlines will not only keep you motivated but will also give you an opportunity to manage your schedules properly. With deadlines, it also becomes easier to keep a track of tasks. Additionally, you can use different mobile applications to manage your schedule.

  1. Ask for feedback

Your editing stages will go smoother if you ask for frequent feedback from your guide about your writing. Sit with your guide with a rough outline of the dissertation and discuss every chapter. If anyone asks to read the dissertation, send them partial drafts so you can get third party feedback as well.

  1. Research

Read about how to properly write a dissertation. If needed, ask for dissertation help online. Also, read notes, books, other scholar’s articles related to your subject so you get a fair idea about which direction to follow. Also read articles on the internet about your field, so that you have a fair idea of what is happening globally. Connect with some like-minded people on online platforms to get their insights on your dissertation topic.

  1. Be focused

Be focused on the topic and devote at least 1-2 hours daily for dissertation writing. There will always be plenty of excuses for you to not to write. The urge and tiredness will hold you back from writing but you have to stop procrastinating and just start doing it. There will be meetings, functions, job interviews and other things that can hold you back but it is important to start writing it at once as starting early will give you more time to polish your dissertation. If you feel that your schedule is very tight and you cannot devote enough time for dissertation, then ask for online dissertation help. All Assignment Experts is a leading website for dissertation help. Our dedicated team of PhD holder experts can ensure you excellent grades in your dissertation


We hope these tips will be helpful to you while writing your dissertation.

All the best!

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