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Supply Chain Management Assignment Help Online

The emergence of online shopping in the last decade and the pressure to reduce cost in the manufacturing sector has made supply chain management a very crucial subject in management courses. Students need to solve numerous assignments and essays on supply chain management as a part of their academic curriculum. All Assignment Experts provide Supply Chain Management assignment help to students in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. We have solved multiple SCM case studies on some of the trendsetter companies including Amazon, Zara, Domino's Pizza, Walmart, Best Buy etc. These companies have redefined SCM operations to reduce costs and provide faster delivery to their customers. We also implement the concepts we learn in case of studies while providing Supply Chain Management Essay Writing Help. If this subject is so important for management students, then why not learn a few basics of SCM that will help us in our course?

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management or SCM can be defined as the monitoring of information, finances, and material involved in a multi-stakeholder process i.e. from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer and finally to the consumer. Supply chain management deals with the coordination and integration of these flows among companies to optimise processes and reduce delivery costs and time. It involves the study of storage and movement of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished products from where they originated to the point of final consumption. According to SCM experts, the main goal of any efficient SCM process is to aid in the reduction of inventory assuming all the products are available when they are needed. Software systems which are highly sophisticated alongside Web interfaces aim to provide integrated supply chain services for various companies. The Practice of SCM draws heavily from parts like systems engineering, industrial engineering, logistics, procurement, operations management, and marketing among others.

As online retailing companies provide higher discounts to customers to gain market share and enter into a price war, SCM will have to bear the burden of providing cost efficiencies to the companies.

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Functions Of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is an approach that is cross-functional and includes the administration and movement of raw materials into an organization. It also involves specific parts of the processing where raw materials are converted into finished goods and the process where finished goods are moved out of the organization to the final consumer.

Organizations want to reduce their ownership of sources of raw materials and channels of distribution as they try to emphasize the core competencies and gain more flexibility. Hence, supply chain functions are increasingly being outsourced to other firms who carry out those activities these processes cost-efficiently and in less timeframe.


Important Processes In Supply Chain Management

SCM has evolved with the evolution of industries and the changing requirements of businesses and customers. The upgrading transportation and packaging industry has also impacted the supply chain of various companies. However, few concepts in SCM remain the same throughout the years. Listed below are a few important concepts in supply chain management.

  • Procurement - Procurement can be defined as the process of buying goods, raw materials or services from a company. It involves baking and buying decisions.
  • Inventory Management - Inventory management deals with ordering, storing and finally using the inventory. Just In Time (JIT) inventory management concept is very popular among manufacturing companies as it reduces the costs of the company.
  • Order Fulfillment - Order fulfilment is the process that starts from sales and ends at recodring the customer experience.
  • Returns Management - Returns management can be defined as reverse logistics. The return of an item from a customer to the manufacturer. This process is a cost to the company. With the booking, the e-commerce industry returns management has become an important part of SCM. 


Supply Chain Management Process Flow

Supply chain management is divided into three major flows which include;

  • Information Flow - The information flow deals with the transmission of orders and the keeping of delivery status up to date.
  • Product Flow - It is the transit of goods from the supplier to a customer alongside the service needs or customer returns.
  • Finance Flow - The financial flow has to do with the schedule of payments and the title of ownership arrangements and consignments.

This may seem easy as per the definition, however, once you start designing the flow diagram for any company, you realise how complicated it is to understand and improve the process flow. Enhance your understanding of all the complex supply chain flows by availing quality Supply chain management essay writing and case study help from our MBA experts.


Types Of Supply Chain Management Systems

There are two main kinds of software for SCM i.e. ‘Execution Applications’ and ‘Planning Applications. The planning applications utilize advanced algorithms to determine the best way an order is filled. Whereas, execution applications help in monitoring the management of materials, the physical status of goods and the financial information associated with all stakeholders

The planning applications include the following:

  • Determining the demand for specific types of products and creating a plan for manufacturing and sourcing for these products.
  • Determining the volume of goods to be manufactured in a given time frame.
  • Identifying where the finished products will be stored.
  • Noting the mode of transportation to be utilized in the delivery of the products.
  • Determine the level of inventory for intermediate products, finished goods, and raw materials.
  • Deciding the number of products a business should make so all its customer demands would be met.

Some applications of SCM are based on open data models. They provide support for sharing data both outside and inside the enterprise which is known as the extended enterprise and has to do with major manufacturers, suppliers and end customers of a particular company. This data can be shared upwards with the suppliers of a company and downwards with the clients of the company.

The applications of SCM help to reduce costs for all the stakeholders in the supply chain and enable them to manage available resources better and make plans for future needs.

Importance Of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management provides the following benefits to organizations:

  • Supply chain management is important in reaching out to the customer in the most cost-efficient manner.
  • SCM is crucial for organizational learning. Firms that have an extensive geographical reach tend to be more productive and innovative in the procurement and distribution of goods.
  • It helps in the improvement of customer service by delivering the required product at the right time and location. This also helps in increasing organizational sales.
  • Businesses can maintain financial records – The amount to be paid by the clients and the amount to be paid to the suppliers.
  • SCM reduces the bottom line of the organization by reducing the transportation, packaging and inventory costs.

Learn all the benefits of the supply chain from our SCM case study help experts. Avail Supply chain homework help, to ensure excellent grades in the MBA course

Supply Chain Management Assignment Help | Supply Chain Management Essay Writing

Though the supply chain management homework is relatively easy, most students have issues with it due to the quick turnaround time. Our supply chain experts provide instant online supply chain essay writing help as per your requirements. We have solved numerous SCM case studies, assignments, and essays for students in the USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Our vision is to ensure the academic success of all our MBA Students. Listed below are a few reasons why you should consider taking Supply Chain Management Assignment Help from our experts.

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With a simplistic approach and a well-qualified supply chain tutor base, we guarantee you the highest grades in your supply chain assignments. If you need professional assistance, then our SCM Essay Writing Help is what you need.

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Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs) Related To Supply Chain Management Assignment

We at have a team of experts who solves all the problems under Supply Chain Management Assignment. Supply chain management includes the storage of raw materials and the flow of goods or services. Our services include practical, internship programs, projects, and assignment help to all the students in need. Students can avail of our services where we provide customized Supply Chain Management Homework Help worldwide.

Supply Chain Management is a vast subject, and it involves the management of supply-side activities to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and to maximize customer value. Writing perfect supply chain management assignments is not easy, especially if you have a challenging assignment topic. Students can take external help from our team as we include every data related to the topic which is important with statistics and figures along with proper examples.  Our experts ensure unique and plagiarism-free content based on well-researched information

The 5 Basic Components Of A Supply Chain Management System as per our Supply Chain Management Experts are:

  • The plan or the strategy
  • The source
  • Manufacturing
  • Return system
  • Delivery and Logistics

Our team of Supply Chain Management Writing Help Service has certain goals and wholly focuses on giving the right things to the students like delivering the solution within the deadlines, providing unique content, and a 360-degree approach to a subject so that they can score the highest grades. We believe in using a simple way of solving the assignments for the students to understand them better. All our solutions are original and authentic as we include well-researched data within that. Do contact us in need of any help.

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