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JavaScript Assignment Help | JavaScript Homework Help

JavaScript is a high-level dynamic programming language that is majorly used by websites who employ it on their web browsers. It is a multi-standard programming language that works on websites without plug-ins.

A lot of tools have been developed to complement the JavaScript language, which opens a wide array of extra functionality with little work. These tools include Application programming interfaces (APIs), Third-Party APIs, Third party frameworks and libraries.

  • API: The application programming Interfaces are built into web browsers, providing a range of capabilities like actively creating HTML and setting CSS styles, gathering and manipulating video streams from webcams of users, or generating 3D samples of audios and graphics.
  • Third party APIs: It enables web developers to incorporate a range of capabilities on their site, these incorporated functionalities are from third party content providers such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Third party frameworks and libraries: They enable the activation of HTML for quickly building up sites and applications.

Although JavaScript is an interesting and lively web language, it’s still a little more difficult to be comfortable with compared with HTML and CSS. You have to start small and keep on practicing consistently in order to get better at using JavaScript. Once you have mastered the techniques of JavaScript, your website will enter a new sphere of power and creativity. You can avail our online JavaScript tutoring services if you want to learn any topic in JavaScript.

9 Powerful Features of Javascript Programming

When you think of client side scripting language for web browser, the first thing that comes to your mind is Javascript programming. The 9 powerful Javascript features that makes it so popular are listed below:

  1. It is an object-based scripting language that provides predefined objects
  2. Javascript gives the user more control over the browser. It can also detect the user's browser and OS
  3. It can be used for simple computations on the client side
  4. JavaScript can create new functions within scripts
  5. User’s inputs can be validated easily using Javascript
  6. In Javascript, all statements must be terminated with semicolon.
  7. It is an interpreter based scripting language.
  8. Imperative & Structured Features - Most of the structured programming syntax from C is supported by JavaScript (e.g., if statements, while loops, switch statements, do while loops, etc.). The only slight exception is scoping. Now, ECMAScript 2015 has added a let keyword for block scoping. This simply means JavaScript has both functions and lock scoping now.
  9. JavaScript differentiates between expressions and statements just like C. The difference in syntax from C is the automatic insertion of the semicolon, which enables the skipping of semicolons that would normally terminate statements to be skipped.

Javascript being widely used programming language, has become a mandatory course in every university. Student who find it challenging to work on Javascript take our help for JavaScript Homework Help and Javascript Assignment Help.

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JavaScript Assignment Help

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Difference Between JavaScript And Java Programming Language

Although JavaScript and Java exhibit some similarities such as syntax, language name, and standard libraries, both are distinct languages and vary greatly in their design. Self and Scheme programming languages were the influencers of JavaScript. JavaScript is not limited to web-based environments alone, it is also used in Non-web-based environments such as; PDF documents, site-specific browsers and also desktop widgets.

The popularity of JavaScript for server-side web applications has also been greatly increased by newer and faster JavaScript virtual machines (VM) and platforms built upon them. JavaScript is used in creating desktop and mobile applications, video game development, in server-side network programming with run-time environments such as Node.js

We at All Assignment Experts provide online Java and JavaScript assignment help under the umbrella service – Help with Programming assignments.

Historical Development Of JavaScript

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), a unit of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, released NCSA Mosaic in 1993. This was the first popular graphical web browser, which later played an important role in augmenting the growth of the developing World Wide Web.

Mosaic Netscape was created in 1994 by many of the original NCSA Mosaic authors. In late 1994, the first version of the Web browser Mosaic Netscape 0.9 was released. It had already taken three-quarters of the browser world within just four months and it became the main internet browser in the 1990s. The browser was later renamed Netscape Navigator in the same year, so as to avoid trademark ownership issues with the NSA, and the company became Netscape Communications.

The company Netscape Communications decided that they wanted to create a scripting language that would go hand in hand with Java and should have a very much alike syntax, which did not include adopting other languages such as Perl, Python, TCL, or Scheme. JavaScript was developed under the name Mocha, but it was officially called Live Script when it initially shipped its test-run releases of Netscape Navigator 2.0 in September 1995. It was renamed JavaScript when it was released in the Netscape Navigator 2.0 beta 3 in December 1995.

Evolution of JavaScript

Its been more than 2 decades, that JavaScript is founded and it has evolved gradually over years. Listed below are few milestones in the JavaScript evolution history.

Adoption By Microsoft - 1996 was the year when Microsoft Script technologies including VBScript and Jscript were released. Jscript which was a reverse engineered implementation of JavaScript was integrated into Internet Explorer 3. Jscript was also used for server side scripting in internet information server. With the advent of Internet explorer 4, the idea of Dynamic HTML was introduced by Microsoft, but the differences in language applications and the dissimilar trademarked Document Object Models remained and were stumbling blocks to the widespread take-up of JavaScript o the web.

Standardization Of JavaScript - JavaScript was submitted to ECMA International in November 1996 to design a standard blueprint which other browser vendors would then make use of based on Netscape’s work. This brought about the official release of the language specification ECMAScript which was released in the first edition of the ECMA-262 standard in June 1997, ECMAScript 2 in June and ECMAScript 3 was released in December 1999, which is the precedent for modern-day JavaScript.

Server-Side JavaScript - After JavaScript was released for browsers in December 1995, Server-Side Scripting with Netscape Enterprise server got the JavaScript language implementation. More server-side scripting has been introduced since the mid-2000, notable among them are the Node.js (in 2009) and MarkLogic (in 2015).

Trademark- JavaScript belongs to Oracle Corporation. It exists under license for technology created and applied by NetScope Communications and current items such as the Mozilla Foundation.

It’s been more than two decades that JavaScript programming language is used by the programmer. But students still find it challenging to work on JavaScript projects. If you need help with JavaScript projects then send us a mail at or submit your order on our website. We assure you on time delivery and excellent grades in your JavaScript projects. We are the leaders in providing online programming assignment help services.

JavaScript Homework Help | JavaScript Project Help

After going through the JavaScript history, one thing is for sure – JavaScript is a very complicated language. It has been modified several times over the decade to make it programmer friendly. Currently, it is one of the most important programming languages. Students who come to us for online programming help, also seek help with JavaScript. Our JavaScript assignment help is one of the best in the world as we provide well-commented javascript codes for all your academic projects. Here are a few reasons why you should consider help with JavaScript projects and avail the service of All Assignment Experts to ensure excellent grades. 

  • We provide JavaScript online tutoring - Friendly and conducive environment for the student to ask all he wants in order to accomplish his learning goals.

  • Well-commented codes provide an opportunity for the student to work and learn at his own pace.

  • Flexibility of time and place. Our online JavaScript tutors can teach the students as per student’s convenience and based on the doubts raised during assignment completion

  • Some of the challenging topics like creating a contact form using JavaScript, JavaScript, HTML, DOM, DOM Navigation etc is explained easily by our JavaScript experts

We have provided JavaScript assignment help services to students in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, and many other countries. You can be a JavaScript expert by availing our online JavaScript help. Hurry!

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