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Students come to us for CATIA assignments and we provide them with CATIA solution along with comments that help them understand the below concepts related to CATIA

  • CATIA as a CAD software - Concept of Parametric Modeling, Feature Based Modeling, drawing profiles, toolbar setting, plane size setting,  
  • Toolbars - Standard toolbar, Profile toolbar, Operation toolbar, Sketch toolbar, Visualisation toolbar, graphics properties toolbar
  • Modelling of Machined component
  • Advanced Design Features:- Axis System, Types of the draft, Shell, Stiffener, rib slot, Multisection solid, Apply Material
  • Multibody concept
  • Drafting & Detailing Theory
  • Views:- Aux, Section, Details, Clipping, Broken;  View properties, DATUMS & Tolerance
  • Surfacing Modeling based Plastic Component
  • Wireframe and Surface Design
  • Generative Shape Design
  • Generative Sheet Metal Design


What Is CATIA?

CATIA is used by civil engineering students to draw CAD diagrams. It is a computer-aided three-dimensional interactive application that is used by students and professionals in different disciplines such as automobile engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and systems engineering. The students who are doing their degree in these disciplines would need to do different types of assignments on CATIA CAD. When they do the assignment using this software, they can become pros at handling real-time projects using this software. The majority of the students find it tough to write the assignment related to CATIA CAD. It takes a lot of time for students to draw practical diagrams on this software as per the requirements given by the professor. The students would also be busy with their lectures and do not get enough time to complete the project within the given timeline. We reduce your stress by handling your CAD assignments.  We have ample experience and knowledge working on this software.

Applications Of CATIA In Various Engineering Fields

CATIA is the software that is used for drawing diagrams in project lifecycle management. This supports various phases in the project such as conceptualization, design, engineering and manufacturing. You can also collaborate with people in different disciplines such as system engineering, electronic design, mechanical engineering electrical and fluid design. 

We are offering CATIA CAD assignment help to students across the US, UK, Australia and other places globally at pocket-friendly prices. You can get in touch with our experts to get the work done in no time. 

  • Mechanical Engineering - CATIA is used to draw 3D parts using 2D images or sketches. The software allows you to take the help of composites, moulded parts, forged parts and tools. You also get the tools to define the kinematics of the product. If you are stuck in the middle of drawing any CAD design using this software, you can seek our help. We are available round the clock to work on your assignment. We also revise the drawing for free until you are happy with the output. 
  • Design industry - CATIA is used to draw complicated and innovative shapes. This will support various phases of designing a product. If you lack time or knowledge on using this tool, you can take the help of our experts. They are ready to offer you the required guidance. The drawing that is done by our experts will be accurate and will impress your professors. You do not need to worry about the grades in civil engineering when you hand over the assignment to us.
  • System Engineering - CATIA is an extensible system that allows you to integrate various modelling from different disciplines into one. The companies can also modify the products or update the products with ease. If you do not have knowledge of drawing using CATIA software, you can take our help. We are skilled and proficient enough in using this tool to draw different types of designs. 
  • Electrical Engineering - CATIA software is used to design electrical systems, especially HVAC systems. If you are pursuing electrical engineering, you will be assigned to draw diagrams in CATIA. Though you are burdened with other tasks or lack knowledge of working with this software, you can seek our help.


Popular Student Queries While Solving CATIA Homework & Assignments

How can I design in Catia?

To design in CATIA, start by opening a new CATPart file and selecting the appropriate workbench for your design project. Then, use the various CATIA tools to create and modify your design, such as sketching, extruding, and creating 3D features. Finally, save your CATPart file and export it in the desired format.

How do you get helix in Catia?

To create a helix in CATIA, use the Helix command under the Wireframe and Surface Design workbench. Specify the desired parameters such as pitch, height, diameter, and rotation, and the helix will be created.

How do you fill a hole in a Catia?

To fill a hole in CATIA, use the Fill command under the Part Design workbench. Select the edges of the hole and specify the thickness and curvature of the fill surface, and the hole will be filled.

How do I convert JT to Catia?

To convert a JT file to CATIA, use the File > Open command and select the JT file. CATIA will automatically import the JT file and convert it to a CATPart file.

How to find the coordinates of a point in Catia?

To find the coordinates of a point in CATIA, select the Point command under the Sketcher workbench and click on the desired location. The coordinates of the point will be displayed in the Point Definition dialog box.

How to design in Catia?

To design in CATIA, first create a sketch of your design and then use the various commands under the Part Design, Assembly Design, or Wireframe and Surface Design workbenches to create and modify 3D features.

How do you manipulate parts of Catia?

To manipulate parts in CATIA, use the various commands under the Assembly Design workbench, such as Move, Rotate, and Translate. These commands allow you to manipulate the position and orientation of individual parts within an assembly.

How do I make an external thread in Catia?

To create an external thread in CATIA, use the Thread command under the Part Design workbench. Select the appropriate edges of the hole and specify the thread parameters such as size, pitch, and angle.

How to do drafting in Catia v5?

To do drafting in CATIA V5, use the Drafting workbench. Create a new drawing and use the various commands to create and modify views, dimensions, and annotations.

How do I make a mold in Catia v5?

To create a mold in CATIA V5, use the Mold Tooling Design workbench. First, create the part design of the mold cavity and core, and then use the various commands to create the mold base, ejector pins, and cooling channels.


CATIA Assignment Help From Our Engineering Experts

Our experts offer different kinds of CATIA CAD assignments to students. The popular ones in which our experts are proficient include:

  • CATIA Design – We help students with CATIA assignments, homework and projects. So if you need any design work done in CATIA for any Engineering field, we have an expert for you
  • Report - You can take the help of our experts to draft the report related to CATIA. We offer guidance to the student in every step of writing the report. For us, the report can be successful, only when it has informative details. 
  • Dissertation - If you want assistance on the CATIA dissertation, you can get in touch with our professionals who have ample experience in drawing CATIA diagrams. They will compose a dissertation that is immaculate and help you secure an A+ grade in the final assessment. 


Why Students Should Seek CATIA Assignment Help?

CATIA is a three-dimensional interactive application developed for CAD. Not all the students are well-acquainted with this tool. Here are a few hurdles that many students face while doing this assignment:

  • Lack of skills - The biggest reason that many students seek the help of experts to do their CATIA assignment is lack of skills. The students are not so quick in grasping the tool. Therefore, they won’t be able to do the assignment.
  • Negligence - There are students who do not listen to the lessons that are taught in the classroom. They miss understanding a few critical things that are required to complete the CATIA CAD assignment. They look for an expert to help them in writing the CATIA CAD assignment. 
  • Do not have time - There are students who would take up part-time jobs while studying. They could not accommodate enough time to draw the CATIA CAD drawing based on the requirements given by the professors and would look for help. We help those students and do their assignments flawlessly. 
  • Plagiarism - There are a few students who directly copy the designs from the internet and submit the same to the professors. This results in the loss of valuable grades. If you do not want to put your marks at stake, you can hire us. We have a team who works on the CAD assignments flawlessly. They help you in completing the work on time. 

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