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Operating system homework help

The Operating system acts as an interface between the hardware components and the user. It manages all the application programs on the computer. The Operating system is one of the most important subjects that computer science students should learn during their curriculum.
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What is an Operating system?

The Operating system will carry out all types of basic operations such as managing files, memory, and various processes. This will be acting like a resource manager to manage all resources. The operating system would be like an interface between your machine and the system. There should be at least one operating system installed in the computer to run and perform the computing tasks. It also helps you to run various programs such as browsers, Notepad games, MS Office, and so on. This offers the environment for them to carry out various tasks. The best thing is that the OS also allows one to communicate with the system without actually knowing the language of the system.

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Various types of operating systems

Students must know about various operating systems that are used:

Batch operating system
The batch operating system has no link with the system. The system will divide as well as allocate tasks in the form of batches to process them briskly and get quick responses. The batch operating system is good to be used for carrying out tasks that take a lot of time to execute. To avoid the device from slowing down the performance, it is essential for the user to prepare the task offline and submit that to the operator. Various advantages of using the batch operating system are users can share the batch system, and there is less idle time for this type of OS. It is easier for you to manage workloads and know how long it takes for the task to be completed. 

Time-sharing operating systems
It is also known as a multi-tasking OS that will allocate time to do a specific task and it is also easier for you to switch between tasks briskly. However, the best thing about this type of OS is that it allows users to finish tasks in tandem with the system. The users will also be distributed across different terminals to reduce response time. The best thing about this type of OS is that it gives quick responses while performing the task. 

Distributed operating system
Though the system is not dependent on others, the systems are interconnected to allow them to communicate with one another through the shared network. It has a processor that is of different sizes. The best thing about this type of OS is that it allows you to work on multiple applications and let multiple users access the system in real-time. The data processing function will later be distributed amongst various processors. 

Network operating system
It is installed on the server and offers the ability to use and to manage user groups, various apps, and data. It allows users to share files and gain access to different devices such as printers, applications, and security software in the local network area.

Real-time operating system
It offers you the required support for real-time systems which would need observance for strict time requirements. The best thing is that the response time between giving the time, processing the information, and giving back the response would be minuscule. It is good to be used in processes that are sensitive and have high precision. You can find this type of operating system in air traffic control systems, medical systems, and missile systems.

Mobile operating system
It is good to be used on small devices such as smartphones, wearables, and tablets. The system has all the features that a computer has along with additional features that a handheld device will possess. The OS will start when is powered to give access to the apps that are installed. 

Common operating systems found

Microsoft Windows
These are the most popular OS that is found in different models of systems across the globe. The systems will be preloaded OS. 

Apple iOS
It is confined only to Apple devices and this OS is also developed by Apple. Users with this OS can have quick access to thousands of applications. The advantage of this OS is that it comes with strong encryption capabilities to avoid users from gaining unauthorized access to the data. 

It is the most popular OS used globally and is found on Smartphones. With this OS in the device, users have access to thousands of apps. 

Key topics on which we have provided Operating System assignments and project help are:

System Structure Concurrency challenges
Functions of operating systems Concurrency control
Priority scheduling Scheduling and resource management
Processes and threats Virtual memory
CPU scheduling and file systems Device drivers
OS structure Memory management
OS models Bankers Algorithm
OS abstractions Circular Wait Condition
Concurrency sources  

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