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What is Google firebase?

Google Firebase is an application development platform that enables developers to create various web apps, and Android and iOS apps. It is the go-to backend development tool that helps you develop apps. The best thing is that it also reduces the workload and time to create the apps. It is considered to be a prototyping tool that is simple, lightweight, and recognized globally. It offers active backend-as-a-service that let you build dynamic apps. If you have built any client-side app with the help of JavaScript or any other framework, then Google Firebase can be used to turn the app into a Serverless application in a few minutes. The best thing is that there is no need for you to manage the database. Implementing Firebase will plug the backend into the client code to make the app dynamic. It totally removes the need for you to write the backend code from scratch and make it fully functional. 
When comes to app security, it has built-in security rules that make you handle servers and data safely. When you use the rules, it offers you a protected backend. 


Why do you want to use Google Firebase?

Firebase is the best alternative to writing the backend code completely when developing any dynamic app. You can use this tool when you want to host the app on the cloud. You can even manage the application easily. By being serverless, you no more have to worry about learning the technicalities of configuring the cloud server. The best thing is that you can also have access to other Google products and features such as Sheets and Google drive. It is easier for you to connect to third-party authentication providers, which include Twitter, Google and Facebook. The best features available in Firebase can save a lot of developers time and cost since they do not have to develop anything from scratch. The pricing of firebase is flexible. 
Firebase is considered to be an ideal choice if you would like to deploy any working product on the cloud system briskly.

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Some of the factors that are driving developers to use Google Firebase include:

Google Firebase will use a special type of cloud-based No SQL database, which is known as Firestore. It is a real database that allows you to store a huge chunk of data. Similar to the other NoSQL databases, it can save the data in documents and collections. Data querying does not happen based on the data stored in the database but the query gets complicated with the number of results the database retrieves. 
The best thing about Cloud Firestore and real-time database is that you can use real-time listeners to keep the data up-to-date on different platforms. This helps the client to get access to real-time data even when the network is down. When the network is up, it updates the clients without human intervention.

You can host as many apps as you want on Firebase. It also allows you to host and deploy apps briskly just by using a couple of commands. The app will be available on distributed content delivery networks (CDNs) which makes sure that readers can easily write and read the app without having any downtime. You can also add new features to the application through remote commitment. 

The best feature available in Google Firebase is the authentication service. When you connect the app to the Firebase, you do not have to create any separate login interface. To save time, there is an in-built UI available with which you can allow the users to sign in to the app. You can also use authentication SDK that allows users to sign in through different authentication methods.

Firebase ML
Firebase ML is widely used in the machine learning project which you can deploy with the app. There are different machine learning capabilities that are offered by Google firebase that lets you integrate custom models into the app and then host them on the cloud.


Various services offered by Google Firebase

Here are the services that Google Firebase offer:

Google Analytics can be used for free in Firebase. It offers you unlimited reporting and many other events. It also shows the user behaviour on the iOS and Android apps, thus letting you make better decisions to improve the marketing performance and website.

Firebase authentication allows developers to build a secure yet safe authentication system and improve the onboarding experience of users. The feature has a complete identity solution which gives support to email and password accounts.

Cloud messaging
Firebase cloud messaging is the best cross-platform messaging tool that allows companies to easily receive and send messages to the web, Android and iOS devices with ease.

Real-time database
Firebase's real-time database is hosted on the cloud, which also enables you to store data and sync the data between users. The synching of data happens in real-time across all clients and this data is available for you to access even when the app goes into oblivion for some time.

It is a real-time crash reporter that allows developers to track, prioritize and fix the issues to improve the app quality. The best thing about using this is that developers can organize and troubleshoot the crashes in no time and build new features for the app.

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