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AWS Assignment Help (Amazon Web Services)

It is a dream for every student to get a seat in computer science engineering at the best college. However, after getting the seat and passing this hurdle another hurdle that comes up during the course is writing assignments. Many could not finish the tasks given by the professors on time due to a lack of knowledge and time and therefore would look for help. We have a team of AWS engineers who have extensive knowledge and experience working on AWS to complete the tasks. Our team understands the requirements given by the professors thoroughly and helps you secure good grades in the examination. 

We have an excellent team of AWS Assignment Help specialists who are proficient in their area and can assist with AWS assignments. We provide AWS Assignment Help for all major AWS services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF) and Amazon ElastiCache. Our AWS Assignment Help specialists are available round the clock to answer your queries and can help you with AWS Assignment Help, AWS Homework Help and AWS Project Help. Our AWS Assignment Help specialists have vast experience working with AWS and can provide you with AWS Assignment Help, AWS Homework Help and AWS Project Help. Our AWS Assignment Help specialists have worked on AWS projects and have practical experience using AWS. Our AWS Assignment Help specialists have vast experience working with AWS and can provide you with AWS Assignment Help

What are AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

Amazon Web services are the growing cloud computing platform that is developed by Amazon. It has various packages such as Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). It also offers different tools for the company to perform various operations, which include computer power, database storage and content delivery. It has the infrastructure to handle various retail operations. The best thing is that AWS has a pay-as-you-go model which offers computing and storage capacity as required for companies instead of buying the package that is unnecessary for them. The tools and enterprise solutions are used by data centres. AWS also manages hardware and infrastructure which saves big on the cost and complexity of buying resources on-site. 

Working of AWS

AWS offers various services. Each service is configured based on the requirements of the user. The best thing is that users can view configuration options and various server maps. AWS portfolio will offer a user-friendly programming model, database, operating system and architecture that employers know. It is a cost-effective service. The billing is done in the centralized sector. It offers hybrid computing and quick installation of apps from any location just with a few clicks of a mouse. You do not have to pay anything extra to run database servers by AWS.

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Here are the services offered by AWS

AWS Compute services

ECS (Elastic Compute cloud)EC2 is a virtual machine that offers you an OS-level cloud. The best thing is that you can run the server whenever you want to.

LightSail- The computing tool will deploy and manage the storage, computer and networking abilities that you want to run the app.

Elastic Beanstalk – It allows you to deploy the app automatically and give you access to the resources required to scale up the production site. 

EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes) – It gives access to Kubernetes on a cloud environment without any kind of installation. 

AWS Lambda – It allows you to run various functions on the cloud. This saves big and allows you to pay for the functions that you execute. 

It allows you to transfer data between the data centre and AWS.

DMS (Database Migration Service) – It allows you to migrate the on-site database to the AWS system. You can easily migrate from one database to another database such as Oracle to MySQL with ease.

SMS (Server Migration Service) – The services offer you easily migrate the on-site servers to AWS. 

Snowball – It is a tiny application that allows you to transfer huge data that is in terabytes to data to and out of the database environment. 

Following are the storage services offered by AWS

Amazon Glacier
It is a cost-effective storage service that allows you to store data briskly. It is good to archive and backs up the data. 

Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
It offers block-level storage to easily use with Amazon EC2 instances. It is attached to the network and stays independent irrespective of the instance life. 

AWS storage gateway 
AWS service is to connect the software apps on-premise with the cloud apps. It allows you to integrate securely between the on-premise and on-storage infrastructure. 

Security services

IAM (Identity and access management)
It is a safe yet secure cloud security service that lets you manage users, easily assign policies and form groups between users.

You can install this agent on different virtual machines. It helps you to detect security threats in no time. 

Certificate manager
It offers a free SSL certificate for domains that are easier to be managed by Route53.

WAF (Web Application Firewall)
It is a security service that offers you high protection at the application level and lets you block SQL injection attacks as well as cross-scripting attacks. 

Key management services
It is a managed service that let you create and control various encryption keys to encrypt the data. 

It is easy to create various group of AWS accounts that allows you to manage security as well as automation settings. 

Database services

Amazon RDS
It is an AWS service that allows you to set up, scale up and easily operate the relational database on the cloud. 

Amazon DynamoDB
It is a fully managed NoSQL database that allows you to store the data and retrieve the data without putting in much effort. The best thing is that you can retrieve the data irrespective of the request traffic you get. 

Amazon ElastiCache
It is a web service that allows you to deploy, operate and scale up the memory cache in the cloud. 


Athena - The service will let you do the SQL queries on the S3 bucket to search for the files you want. 

CloudSearch - The AWS service will create a fully managed search engine for the site. 

ElasticSearch - It is alike to that of CloudSearch which has a lot of features such as application monitoring. 

Quick Sight – It is a business analytics tool that allows you to create beautiful visualizations which you can see on the data used on the dashboard of AWS. 

Popular AWS topics on which students come to us for assignments and homework help are:

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

AWS AppSync
Networking Cloud9
Cloud Migration WorkSpaces
LightSail Amazon CloudWatch
Cloud Storage AWS CloudTrail
Elastic Beanstalk AWS CloudHSM
EKS Cloud Deployment and Infrastructure Management
Cloud Architectures Cloud Integrations and Automation
AWS Lambda

Cloud Monitoring and Analytics


Cloud Security and Compliance


Cloud Application Development


Cloud Implementation


Cloud Management


Various applications of AWS

Storage and backup
It offers different types of storage which you can access with ease. You can use this for storage and file indexing and to run business applications that are complex. 

You can host the site on AWS cloud similar to other web apps.

You can run various gaming apps that offer you the best gaming experience. 

Artificial intelligence

Amazon Lex has voice and text chatbot technology whereas Amazon Polly will offer you with text to speech translation service. When it comes to Amazon Rekognition helps you to recognize the face and images.
If you need any help in completing the task related to AWS, you can approach us. Our team is ready to offer you the help required round the clock.

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