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Economics is a social science involved with the factors that determine the manufacturing, distribution, and intake of goods and services. The term economics comes from the historical Greek terms which mean "policies of the house?? (hold for right control). The political-financial system was the initial name; however, economists in the late 19th century recommended "economics" as a shorter time period for "economic science" to establish itself as a separate subject out of doors of political science and other social sciences.

Writing economic assignments include issues like inflation, price rise, bankruptcy, market share and interest rates. In the most simple and concise definition, economics is the study of how society uses its limited resources. Why students study economics, is because it reveals the different behavioural patterns of people, organizations and government. Our economics writers offer the best quality economics assignment help to aid students with their assignments.

Basic Concepts Of Economics

Below are some of the basic concepts which are involved in the Economics assignments.


Case study writing from one subject area should not overlap with another. Hence, it is very important to choose a good topic for the case study. One should typically try to involve all the frameworks or concepts while preparing the case study.


Scarcity is described as the constrained delivery of sources. In other words, scarcity is the incapacity of human beings to provide themselves with all the things they choose or need.

According to our Economics experts, these resources are scarce relative to their demand. For an instance, a scholar will need to buy faculty materials which include books really worth $100; however, she only has the best $50. Consequently, it could be stated that the cash the student has (her resources) will not be enough to shop for all she needs. The available means in the environment can never at any time be in abundance to satisfy all human needs. In view that wants are infinite and insatiable relative to the available assets, human beings need to prioritize.

Scale of preference

The scale of preference is described as a listing of unhappy desires, organized in the order of their relative importance. In other words, it is a list of our needs arranged by way of preference and importance.

Within the scale of preference, the most pressing wants come first and the least pressing ones come last. After the first in the listing has been satisfied, then there may be room to satisfy the following need at the listing. Consequently, desire arises because human wants are unlimited or several, while the resources for enjoying them are limited or scarce.


Choice can be described as a means of choosing or choosing one out of a number of options.

Human needs are many and we cannot satisfy them all because of our constrained resources. We, therefore, decide which of the needs we are able to fulfil first. Choice arises as a result of the limited resources used in enjoying these wishes. Choice consequently arises due to a shortage of resources. Due to the fact it's far extraordinarily hard to produce the whole thing one wants, a choice must be made by accepting or taking on the most pressing needs for satisfaction based on the available resources.

Opportunity cost

Opportunity cost is defined as an expression of cost in terms of forgone alternatives. It’s far the satisfaction of one’s want at the cost of some other need. It refers back to the desires which can be left unhappy for you to fulfil some other extra urgent want.

Human wants are ample, at the same time and the means of fulfilling them are scarce or limited. Consequently, we are faced with the issue of choosing one from an entire host of other human needs. Opportunity cost must not be confused with money cost. Money cost refers to the entire amount of cash that is spent so one can collect a set of goods and services.

Classification Of Economics


The term microeconomics was first coined by means of a Norwegian economist, Ragnar Frichin 1993. Microeconomics consists of phrases- micro and economics. Micro has been derived from the Greek word ‘mikros’ which simply means small. Economics, however, is the branch of science concerned with manufacturing, intake, and switch of wealth for obtaining the produced items and commodities.

Microeconomics is the branch of economics that focuses on the moves of people and industries. The dynamics consist of the interplay between consumers and dealers, debtors and dealers. It analyzes positive components of human conduct and indicates how individuals and companies reply to adjustments in item pricing due to the interaction between demand and supply. Our Economics experts are well versed in Microeconomics concepts and thus provide instant and quality Economics assignment help.


Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that studies the behaviour of an economy as a whole. It specializes in the aggregate adjustments that occur within the economic system by analyzing the factors that affect the whole economic system. Macroeconomics includes the overall monetary phenomena, consisting of inflation, GNP, the hassle of unemployment, combination intake, financial boom, funding, and many others. Macroeconomics attempts to apprehend the causes and consequences of short-run fluctuations in national income and facilitates deciding the reasons for long-time period monetary boom i.e. growth in national income. Avail our best-in-class services for any help in Macroeconomics assignment help.

Applications Of Economics

1. In enterprise management, economics is regularly used to give a clean image of the theoretical concepts on one hand, and the behaviour of an enterprise firm on the other hand. In managerial economics, economic concepts based on easy assumptions are so adjusted that you may take a look at the conduct of the firm in real life through such ideas.

2. Many standards consisting of earnings, expenses etc. are understood in different ways by economists and accountants. For example, economists do take into consideration opportunity costs, whereas accountants only keep in mind what is called explicit expenses. However, in managerial economics, an attempt is made to reconcile the viewpoints of economists and accountants so that facts concerning expenses and profits can be correctly utilized in taking choices and in the future making plans for an enterprise or company.

3. Forecasting is of special significance for an enterprise firm. We have to take the help of several estimates concerning the mutual relationship of economic factors for correct forecasting. The pliability of demands, value output relationship, promotional elasticity and similar different principles of economics science are of sizeable help in any scheme of forecasting.

4. Various economic aspects which include income, demands, expenses, capital, funding, financial savings and so on are an extremely good sign for an enterprise supervisor because he accomplishes his undertaking of choice-making and destiny planning on the idea of such data. Accordingly, financial portions have immediate relevance in taking several managerial decisions.

5. Diverse ideas of macroeconomics which include enterprise cycles, national income, monetary guidelines of the authorities and so forth are considered most useful for an enterprise manager. He has to adjust his commercial enterprise operations quite often in the context of those macro elements.

Economics assignments are generally reflections of all such applications and hence students need expert guidance to score higher grades in such assignments. If you are struggling to solve your Economics homework or assignment on your own, then share your requirements with us and we will ensure that you receive a high-quality solution well before your deadlines.

There is a strong relationship between the fundamental concepts of economics. Our experts can explain this relation via economics assignment help or economics online tutoring. Some of the fundamental economic concepts that every student should be aware of are:

fundamental economics concepts
Supply and Demand Law of diminishing returns
Price elasticity Marginal utility
Consumer Surplus Keynesian model
Game Theory Exchange rate
Monopoly/ Oligopoly Inflation
Monopolistic competition International Macroeconomics
Trade policy The deadweight loss of taxation
Nash equilibrium International trade
Prisoner dilemma Externalities
Unemployment Behavioural economics
Balance of payments Demand for money
Econometrics Labour market
Fiscal policy  

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