Why I Prefer Computer Science Engineering Over Other Engineering Branches?

The most sought after branch of all engineering branches is the coveted computer science engineering. As technology keeps changing every month, engineers with computer science are in demand. If you graduate from an Ivy League or premium institutes in computer science engineering, you are all set for life. Computer science is not just limited to Information technology but it is making its presence felt in Robotics, Automobile, Aerospace, Civil engineering and various other fields which we can ever imagine. The scope of creating a niche and gradually honing your skill-set to attract lucrative opportunities is tremendous in computer science as compared to other fields.

Even for an average student who aspires to make a career, there are tremendous opportunities. Every industry needs a computer science graduate to manage the IT system, websites and Apps and thus run the business operations. Today, technology has become a part of everyone’s life. If you want to create the next big application, you would need to have computer skills. This helps you to take up the business challenges and solve with the help of technology. The career of students pursuing computer science will never become obsolete.

Few of the reasons of why you need to study computer science over other branches

Tremendous Opportunities: Companies are hiring the candidates with computer science degree, since it would be easy for them to train these students. It was found that students completing computer science degree are finding full-time jobs quickly over the students of other branches. In a recent report published by a market research firm, it was found that the computer science and Information technology jobs would increase by 20% worldwide by 2025. The students majoring in computers can expect a faster career growth.

Develop a Niche: New technology is coming up every month. Application of technology in various businesses and industries is expected to grow. Thus, a computer science engineer can pick up his/ her areas of interest and develop a niche.

Improve problem solving skills: Candidates pursuing computer engineers would learn problem solving skills, logical thinking and in-depth knowledge on technology. No matter whichever field you choose, you would excel easily by having these skills.

Start your own business: More than 70% startups now-a-days are services/ consulting firms selling their services online. How amazing it will be to develop your own website and mobile app and sell a product/ service to customers. You can definitely outsource website designing but the other developer might not be able to build the website you aspire to or may be you might not have funds to outsource website building. So being a computer engineer comes in handy while starting your own business.

Offline to Online: Many companies are moving to online or offline/online business model. The computer engineer gets an opportunity to be a freelancer and help brick & mortar businesses to go online.

If you want to be an engineer and are not sure which field to take, my suggestion would be to go for computer science engineering. You will do great in life!

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