University Education & The Future Of Workplace

Millions of students are graduating from different universities every year in different streams. However, not many people possess the required knowledge to perform and grow in their jobs. It is crucial for the universities to add practical knowledge and latest technologies on which students would work in the future in the curriculum to make them industry ready. In fact, there are many universities who are already giving prime importance to delivering practical education to students to make them crack the jobs in their respective area of interest with ease.

If you college education has come to an end, then every student’s heart would be filled with job, excitement and anxiety, as they got the degree to search for their dream job. Though, there are a few students who are able to find out the jobs after completion of their studies, but not all. The students who fail to get jobs, most of them do not possess the required skill-set that an employer is looking for in a candidate and thus resulting in underemployment. As per the studies conducted in the developing countries like India, China, Malaysia etc, university education does not fully prepare the student for performing at par in their jobs.

The underemployment percentage in many countries is higher compared to the previous decade owning to job losses due to advancement in technology. Hence the overall jobs created currently are lower than the number of student being graduated every year. Thus this becomes a lower demand and high supply problem resulting in employment given to only skilled people.

Though, there are many opportunities being created in the market, but students are not on par with the latest technology to hire. It is crucial to restructure the curriculum to let students learn everything that is required to crack a job in a multinational company with ease. This curriculum will help students to stay on par with the latest technological advancements and would not face any kind of challenge while doing the job, as they are well prepared in the university education. Students cannot survive in the current world with the traditional education, hence there should be a new way of approach required to make them prepare to take up work after completion of their studies.

There are a few students who are completing the university education for degree and after completion they are taking up independent courses to acquire the relevant skills to take up the jobs. Though, college is an ideal place to gain life experience and socialize with people, but until the practical education is introduced in the university, the education would be of no help to students. The result drive industries are looking for candidates who are practically well rather than just having theoretical knowledge.

There are a few companies who are conducting comprehensive training programs to bring the new hires at par with the company culture and expectations. One cannot cut down the college education, as it teaches students the interpersonal and comprehension skills. To give a great university experience, it is crucial universities to update the curriculum to help students crack their dream job and be who they really want to be in life!

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