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Psychology Case Study: Social Worker Paula’s Illness

Paula was admitted involuntarily in the hospital and subjected to the psychological unit and various treatment options after taking for a minimum of 3 days under observation. Paula was regarded as a suicidal risk that she had attempted lot of times which was discovered just after a diagnosis which was carried out by the communal worker. The particular social staff member observed that Paula got rapidly decompensating, potentially positioning herself together with her baby at risk.

Paula just recently published to the social worker in which she stated that she is pregnant. She has been unsure no matter whether she wants to continue her pregnancy or simply terminate. Paula also shared with the interpersonal worker that she is fearful about the father of the baby. Paula husband tried to harass, stalk, and affect her. Her husband not takes care of Paula at all and tried to threaten her. Paula started to exhibit elevated paranoia as well as reported the social worker that she started tobacco use again that will calm her nerves. The social worker also said that she quit taking her psychiatric treatments and has already been skipping HIV medications which were suggested by the doctors.

There is an interdisciplinary team gathered in a conference room at the infirmary. Several customers of Paula’s team (HIV doctor, psychiatric doctor, social members of staff, and OB nurse) currently have gathered to determine the precipitating factors to present hospitalization of her.  This addresses the Paula’s non-compliance of taking HIV medications; exhibit enhanced paranoia, as well as her pregnancy.

As much as her maternity is concerned, if Paula doesn’t take her HAART medications, she kept her baby on danger for HIV positive. I am worried about how she is going to care for an infant with her several medical problems. On the useful side, I know she can actually take care for her child very well but because of her previous ill condition she should do abortion for her child. This woman has a semi-paralyzed right hands and strolls with a limp. Additionally, because of foot ulcers, she can easily barely place pressure onto her feet. Children need a large amount of time and energy especially from her mother. I have not created any official recommendations to be able to Paula concerning whether to keep her pregnancy or not, but we certainly told Paula if she wanted to continue her pregnancy, she should continue taking HAART medications each day. I described that this is essential to her for her health and for her fetus.

I was very much concerned regarding her pregnancy. Knowing Paula condition I told her to abort her pregnancy. Based upon her history, including her physical and mental well being disabilities, I believe she would be unable to take care of her child. She gets absolutely no assistance at all, irrespective from the treatment staff, and may have no help assistance to resolve her child. She should do abortion for her pregnancy as she is not taking care of herself as well as not taking her HAART medications each day. But if she wants to continue her pregnancy she should remains on psychiatric unit.

Paula is most unquestionably a high-risk pregnancy, nonetheless that does not signify that she will not have a healthier baby. If perhaps she retains up with the particular HAART medicines and reaches her prenatal visits daily, you will find that this toddler remains healthy as well as HIV resistant. My large concern offers the pain prescription medications, she normally requires for her feet ulcers. We may have to will be able to a book the NICU if she continues to produce offspring. I think we should try and be aware of stress she actually got. While it will not be my spot to tell her to continue her pregnancy or not.

Paula has got many obstructions in her life, nonetheless a baby. Paula has made lots of bad conclusions in the life, as well as the decision to prevent her infant may or may not be the perfect for either of them. Having said that, if her decision will be to continue the particular pregnancy then she should discovered a way to take care of the off-road of road blocks. She has virtually not taking any of the social services from the social group and she will have many challenges if she would like to continue her pregnancy and take care of her child. Paula also has restrained financial resources but will need to make application for WIC together with Medicaid. One can find the numerous finding that we will surely have to obtain, say for example: crib, attire, diapers, as well as formula. She’s got historically really been unreliable related to following up with testimonials and referrals, she will need a number of encouragement and also support. Frankly, I may certainly not believe the following pregnancy is wise. We all, in the long run, need to admit her determination and get over it. Our intention now is to aid Paula enable it to be safely produce a baby and take good care of this newborn baby once it is actually born. Don’t really agree of which she need to be kept on typically the psychiatric component for the next ten or seven months. Making it possible for Paula to produce her child safely and take care of her. She will have to be out in the community and handle things on her own. We have to show that we believe in her and her willingness to face the situation is incredible and good.  We should affirm her strengths and her weaknesses which she will face during giving birth to her child and taking care of her child after pregnancy.