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Top 7 reasons students bunk lectures

College days are the fulfilling days for youngsters. This is the time when they get ample freedom and prefer socialising with friends over bunking classes. There are no rules that can stop students and force them to attend the lectures that they are not interested in. In fact, every other student in the class would support only one thing, i.e. mass bunking. This will be done together by every student. The punctuality and discipline that need to be adopted by the student are replaced with playfulness. Undeniably, students love to go to college, but very few like to attend the lectures.

Based on our research, few reasons why students love to bunk classes:

Hanging out with friends: This is the top reason why students bunk classes. When it comes to attending a lecture or having fun with friends, every student would prefer the later one.  They would love to spend time with friends playing basketball, cricket, and going for long bike rides or go to a movie. Maybe these memories they will cherish for a lifetime, however, they fail to understand that bunking lectures to go out with friends can severely impact their grades.

Attend coaching classes: Many students would have a goal of cracking competitive exams or participating in debates to get admission in the top universities. Ample amount of time is spent on taking advice from college seniors, taking online and offline help from experts to ensure the students are prepared for the next phase of their life. Sometimes, they end up bunking lectures for these reasons

The subject is not interesting: Many students would attend the classes to learn in-depth about a subject they love. However, for the subject they don’t find interesting, it is just an obligation to go and sit in the lectures. For no so interesting subjects, students end up bunking classes and doing something else during that time.

Play Sports: College life is all about baseball, basketball and tennis. Students love participating and winning intercollege competitions. To win sports competitions requires rigorous practice and dedicated time and efforts. If the student has to choose between sports and lectures, then for a sports lover practising his favourite sport is more important compared to attending lectures.

Explore college campus: Colleges will have big campus equipped with football court, auditorium, library and spacious canteen. Students would attend the morning classes and bunk the afternoon sessions to enjoy good food in the canteen, read a novel in the library, play a sport, participate in debates, prepare for annual function or spend time in extracurricular activities.

Pursue hobbies: Many students end up devoting time in pursuing their hobbies like – Singing, dancing, participating in drama, reading books, playing sports or drawing. Sometimes when they are bored with continuous lectures and daily homework. Pursuing hobbies can be rejuvenating and can help the students to focus on studies but that still is not an excuse for bunking lectures

Participating in Competitions: Every semester, there are a number of competitions being held in various fields including  analytics, programming, debates, public speaking, sports, science etc. Students who participate in multiple competitions end up bunking lectures due to time clashes.

Based on our survey, these are the top 7 reasons why students bunk the class. However, if you ask our experts, none of the above reason is justified for bunking school/ college. All these activities can be done once you finish all the lectures for the day.

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