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Top 10 Ad Campaigns of the 21st Century (USA)

Campaigns have the ability to pull the potential audience to the stores and encourage them to buy the products. Many companies would spend millions of dollars to create a single campaign. The marketers would try to catch the pulse of the audience or hit on their emotional point to make them get connected to the campaign. In the 21st century, many companies are thinking out of the box and are creating campaigns that are easily connected to the audience and grab them to buy their products and become their loyal customers. The campaigns are totally breaking the stereotype and are coming with a thought-provoking message. There are a few ads out of 1000s that are unique since they tell how to use the product effectively in an entertaining way

As per Customer Survey, the top 10 campaigns that have made a huge noise in the US market are as follows

Dove: “Campaign for Real Beauty”

This campaign is listed as one of the best campaigns in the 21st century since this has totally changed the thinking of people about beauty. This ad is socially responsible and is inspirational to women. Amazingly, with this ad going live, Dove has seen a soar in their sales figure of $1.5 billion since 2004.

Nike: “Nike+ Running”

This campaign was created in the year 2007 and since then it kept the audience hooked to the ad and made them fall in love with the way the ad was designed. This ad is all about wearable technology. In this ad, the runner is shown to track the progress of the workout by wearing the Apple device.

BMW: “The Hire”

This ad was shot with the budget of $17 million with a running time of around an hour. This is more than a flick over the campaign. This ad is made to sell BMW cars. This ad has hit the media four years ago and is still wooing people.

Old Spice: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

This ad has mesmerized many people globally. In this ad, the famous actor Isaiah Mustafa has been featured and was aired in 2010 received very good responses even from critics. This ad is about reviving the old spice brand.

Red Bull: “Stratos”

This energy drink Giant has created this ad and earned a profit of millions of dollars. In this ad, the skydiver would be falling from a capsule that is 24 miles above the earth. This ad became a sensation in no time

Budweiser: Whassup

This is one of the best ads in the 21st century. This beer ad with little humour has grabbed the attention of beer lovers and the sales of Budweiser went up by 300%.

P&G: Thank You, Mom

This ad was created in the backdrop of the Winter Olympics. This brand sells from pampers to paper towels and skin care products. This ad has elevated the brand image. After the release of this ad in 2014, the company has seen a rise in the sale of household and personal care products.

Apple: Get a Mac

This campaign was launched in 2006. In this ad, Apple has used a basic template to show the uses of MAC over PC. This ad features two comedians to tell about how easy it is to use this device. This ad is fresh and hilarious and has gone viral.

Burberry, “The Art of the Trench”

This campaign was launched in 2009 sporting the Burberry coats. This ad was a massive hit and has grabbed the eye of many people to buy coats produced by this brand.

Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die

This ad is created for a local train company. The cartoon characters and catchy music has made this ad stand out with a tinge of humour.

According to our survey, these were some of the most popular ads in the USA. If you know of any advertisement that is a trendsetter, so share it in comments below and let us know why you think that the advertise deserves to be in the list of top ads in the USA.

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