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Tips to deal with teacher who does not like you

There would be many reasons for teachers to have a bad impression on particular students. Few of them would not be focusing on the lessons taught in the class or misbehaving in the classroom with teachers or caught red-handedly in doing wrong or not scoring well in the exams. There are a few reasons that would make students lose impression in the eyes of their teachers. Due to such misbehaviour, teachers might start giving additional assignments/ homework to the students to ensure they are kept busy in learning new things and working on academics. No matter whatsoever may be the reason for the teacher to dislike a student, but ultimately, it is the student who would be a loss if he/she does not make up for the bad impression and ensure they are in the good books of the teacher.

If you want to be the favourite student of your teacher or to clear the miscommunication that happened due to which they started disliking you, then here are a few tips you can embrace and are suggested by online tutors include

Do not give them a single reason to dislike you and worsen the situation: If you are in bad books of a teacher, try to behave and be punctual to her/his classroom. You try to be quiet in the classroom and pay attention to the lessons that are taught by the teacher and try to answer all the questions that are probed. To earn brownie points, you can also actively debate or share your point of view on the discussions happening in the class.

Take extra help:  Start asking doubts about the concepts that are taught in the class. You can refer few additional books in the library, take online tutoring or ask your friends/ college seniors for help with the topic the teacher is teaching you currently. Once you start reading more, the same will be reflected in your test scores, assignments, homework and class participation. The teacher will definitely notice this change in you and would surely appreciate it.

Follow the rules: You need to follow all the rules that were enforced without ignoring or violating any.  If you are unable to solve the problem, you would need to take the assistance of your teacher to get it done. Ensure to follow all the rules, stick to assignment deadlines, ensure you deliver quality in every work you submit.

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Involve your parents: After leaving no stone unturned in gaining good impression, if you could not succeed, you can take the help of your parents. Ask your parents to discuss your challenges with the teacher and all of you can arrive at a conclusion on how things can go ahead in the future. What will be your study plan? What are your areas of improvements and what are your strengths? How you can hone your skill-set to ensure you deliver your best in studies and extracurricular activities.  Involving parents, show the teacher that you are taking your studies and career seriously.

These are some of the tips you can follow to be your teacher’s favourite student. If you can think of anything else then share it in the comments section below.

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