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Study Hacks – Decoding Patterns Of Success

Do you want to develop the study skills that will make you fly high in your career? Then, you need to embrace a few study hacks which will improve your efficiency and save time.  Few students keep studying till the last minute and end up scoring lower grades and few student study 30 minutes every day and score top grades in every subjects. What do these successful students do differently?

Walk/ run for a few minutes everyday:  Daily exercise re-energizes and refreshes you. It opens up your mind to take up challenges and be creative. You might think that this is nowhere related to your studies but trust me, try exercising daily and it will do wonders for you. You can do Zumba, Dance, walk, run or do Yoga – anything that excites you.

Read aloud, don’t be a silent reader: Though, reading loudly sounds crazy, but this 1 habit do wonders in remembering the things you are reading. When you read anything aloud, it also improves your focus.

Play a Sport: The best way to keep you motivated is to reward yourself after studying a few chapters daily. Once you complete your daily homework, go out with friends or play a sport.  Being successful is not just about scoring excellent grades but also about team work, confidence and personality development. You can develop these aspects by playing a sport daily.

Teach your friends: If you have understood any concept, you need to teach someone to polish your skills on that particular concept. This way you can indulge in group discussion and learn faster and it will not even feel like studying!

Draw Diagrams: If you find it hard to remember anything, you can draw flowchart of activities/ processes to understand and remember things step-by-step. This creates a visual memory which can be recalled during examination.

Watch Videos Online: Reading and understanding the concepts take too much of your time? Watch videos or take online tutoring classes to understand concepts and remember things. Remember, it is not the number of hours you study but how smartly you study that matters in the end! If you want to learn about World War 1, rather than reading boring history chapters, watch a documentary on Netflix. It is fun and you will remember everything easily!

These are some of the study hacks that successful students use to ensure they get the best of everything, whether it is exams, extra-curricular activities, sports or some fun time with friends. Success is about being happy in what you are doing. To be a successful student, you should be able to ensure you get to learn everything taught in school in a fun filled way and stay focused.

These are our thoughts on how you manage your studies to be successful. If you know of any other ways to make studies fun and still score excellent grades, just share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Happy Studying!

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