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Study Hacks: A Recent Change To My Study Habits

Studying hard is a good habit that sincere students have. I used to be one of them; not that I don’t study hard anymore. I still do, it’s just that I have found some better and smarter ways of studying. And let me tell you this change in my study habits have done me good. I’m not stressed out like I used to be; plus I am scoring better grades with lesser efforts.

My techniques are not so out of the world. In fact, probably some of you are already doing them. Well, let me share some of my study hacks with you –

  • Studies show that exercise is good for brain power and memory. Dr. Chuck Hillman from the University of Illinois has shown – 20 minutes of exercise before exams can improve a student’s performance. Okay, now I can say that I agree with this study. I am not too much of an exercise freak but I have certainly seen that a few minutes of walking or some mild exercise can really get you bright and make you think better. Like they say it can clear your brain fog.
  • We usually see small children read and study out loud. Frankly, that is a great way of studying. When you say things out loud you understand them better. Though it is probably not always practically possible.
  • Remembering information becomes easy if you are able to find connections. This is where your creativity is challenged. I find that Mind Maps are a great way to connect ideas. When you create visual pictures of connections it makes the most difficult concepts easy. Drawing diagrams help you with the same. It helps you to memorize easily.
  • Somehow, I have also felt that Times New Roman is an easy and fast font to read. So I suggest that you keep all your notes and word docs in this font.
  • We students are human too aren’t we? Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have almost become quite the enemy for students before exams. You do tend to waste a lot of precious time on these. What I suggest is that you could try out those self-control apps. These ban certain sites for a specific amount of time. That way, you can study and get back to them when you are free.
  • You can also create flashcards to help you with definitions, key concepts, quotes as well as formulas. Also, there is no point in studying continuously. Give yourself breaks after say 45 minutes to an hour. That would give your brain some rest and refresh you.

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