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Strategic Studying – How To Work Smart (Not Workhard) To Score Excellent Grades

Almost all students are diligent and sincere with their studies. Most burn the midnight oil and try really hard to get good grades. But sometimes, even working really hard may not get you the grades you are looking for. Working hard is all fine for exam preparation, but sometimes what you need to do is work smart. Please note the key word here is ‘smart’. Cramming and memorizing details; that sums up a student’s life.

But here we will give you some tips which would help you with smart studying or what is called holistic learning. It is quite simply the organizing of information into networks so that ideas are interconnected. Stop forcing ideas into your brains. Instead, link ideas and see the whole.

  • Build – Think of building a house. It is more or less the way learning is done. You feed on lectures, notes, and textbooks and start building your house. But it is up to you to assemble it the right way. Instead, we try and stare at the bricks of the house (memorization) and fumble around (learning formulas). You need to remember that you are a human and your brain has certain limits. You cannot keep memorizing. The alternative is strategic studying or holistic learning.
  • Metaphors – using metaphors lets you organize information and comparing complex and simple ideas. Try to find the relationships between information and think of analogies which would help you with to understand and remember things.
  • Senses – It is difficult to memorize abstract ideas as our senses don’t really agree with them. Instead bring them closer by thinking up images, pictures or feelings which relate to the information. Imagine doing the determinant of a matrix. You could visualize your hands moving, maybe one is subtracting while the other adding and thus remember the pattern.
  • Teach – When you teach someone it reinforces your ideas. Explaining a concept to someone would save you self-study time.
  • When you go through a book, make each and every piece of information connect with something else that you have already learned.
  • If you are not able to move between certain concepts that mean that you have not linked them properly or enough.
  • Build a foundation for yourself. Read a lot; have a good general understanding of various topics. This will give you flexibility; will help you in finding metaphors and patterns in new topics. The more you know the more you can learn easily.
  • Do not try and force information during the last hours or during exam preparation. That is a very inefficient way of working. Before exams, it should always only be a recap of what you have already studied and not the other way round.

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