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Rigorous transportation of Pharmaceutical products through Air

Logistics are the part where products are kept for transportation to the customers from different business ventures. Now if several grocery products are kept outside the refrigerator and sold to the customers what would be the problem? The products would be sold after those are wasted. Now for pharmaceutical products that are transported through the air, need proper protection regarding temperature and time. Mishandling the time and temperature can be the reason for wasting the products. Several similar issues arise while this process, in this context the issues and according to solutions are discussed.

Issues in the transportation process

There are mainly two types of issues regarding transportation of the healthcare products through the air. The issues are miss-control of time and temperature.

  1. In case of some pharmaceutical products, maximum of the products are needed to be kept between 00 to as minimum as -1500 C (Baxter and Kourousis, 2015). If the temperature is mishandled the products might be wasted and cannot be used in the future. In some cases, while medicines are needed to be kept in an airtight place, then while transportation those meds are exposed to air and get wasted.
  2. Another important measure is time of transportation. A medical product has specific lifetime. After a minimum span of time the medicine gets wasted. In addition for some other cases, the flight delivering the medical products gets delayed and thus the products expire (O’Donnell, 2015).

AAE - Medical Assignment Help

Solutions for the issues

There are a lot of solutions for these issues such as, making the transportation process complete before delivery time.

Solutions that would be useful for the issues are,

  1. Maintenance of timing for airplane transportation (Baxter and Kourousis, 2015)
  2. Maintenance of proper temperature within the transports while transporting the pharmaceutical products
  3. Maintenance of proper staff to look out for the products being transported so the products would not get exposed in air
  4. Maintenance of proper timing for little lifespan products (O’Donnell, 2015)


This can be concluded that the medical products are transported through different parts of the country and hence, the transportation process must be rigorous.



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