Analyse the impact of information and communication technology in travel and tourism

In the present era, businesses are focused on the effective use of technological tools in respect to improving their performance. By having a consideration of critical standards in the application of technology the issues can be resolved effectively and leads business to an impressive level of success. Travel and tourism sector has a diversified service that needs the assistance of technology. It allows managing work activities in the desired manner and ensuring that a better service is being offered to customers (Saviotti, 2018). It helps in improving the work standards so that a business entity can accomplish a competitive advantage effectively. In order to have an understanding about the influence of technology on operations of the travel and tourism sector, the present research has been conducted.

Technology can be referred to the use of tools that helps in managing work activities more effectively to ensure key standards. Using technology the business firm can improve its performance easily because it helps in decreasing time consumption on activities. Along with this, use of social media and database management has advanced recently that also attracts the travel and tourism sector to adopt the same. In order to have a proper understanding, the Thomas Cook Plc is being referred to as an organization.

To analyse the impact of information and communication technology in travel and tourism sector practice: A study on Thomas Cook Plc

To understand the significance of technological tools used by Thomas Cook Plc

  • To determine the benefits of ICT within Thomas Cook Plc
  • To identify challenges that business faces in database management
  • To recommend ways through which ICT can be increased within Thomas Cook Plc

In order to have effective understanding respecting technological use and development in business the application of the methodology is essential. Primary information will be collected in order to have better learning. A collection will be accomplished through a survey with employees of Thomas Cook Plc. 30 employees will be considered as a sample size in order to have an appropriate collection of data respecting the subject (Loomis and Paterson, 2018). Other than this, application of secondary research will also assist in determining the benefits of ICT within Thomas Cook Plc. Proper support of qualitative technique will also help in data collection. In this, qualitative measures will be promoted so that goals and objectives can be accomplished. Moreover, an inductive approach will facilitate to take results from specific to a general that means the significance of technological tools used by Thomas Cook Plc can be understood properly.Key scope of the present study is that it helps in learning about technological development so that tourism sector working can be advanced. Along with this, different benefits that Thomas Cook Plc is attained through database management application can also be analysed in a significant manner. It will allow improving the working of the sector on the basis of outcomes. However, limitation of the research is that lack of secondary sources available in respect to the subject (Hanvey, 2018). Accomplishment of the research study will improve learning about challenges that business faces in database management. It will facilitate the identification of measures that can resolve issues. Different innovative methods can be taken into account with the help of recommendation so that ICT can be increased within Thomas Cook PlcTechnological use has been advanced in recent years and businesses are effectively focused on its adaptation. It has been concluded in previous studies that the application of ICT is beneficial for businesses, but it has not been stated that to what extent the organizations are gaining benefits. In order to understand the gape of previous studies, the present study is being conducted. Along with this, another rationale of the research is that businesses of travel and tourism sector are facing issues in the application of ICT such as costing, management, etc. By having an understanding of such measures and recommending the methods to overcome such issues the experts will try to boost the use of ICT.

According to the Long (2018), a technological tool plays a critical role in the success of every organization and it leads businesses to an impressive level of success. The significance of progression in reliably operational exercises is that it has wiped out the immensity related with writing. With advancement, data would now have the ability to be anchored in each pragmatic sense in different utmost contraptions, for example, moderate plates and microchips. Significantly more in this manner, the data set away in these inventive gadgets is secured with passwords and codes which are just known by the proprietors of the data, upgrading it a procedure for anchoring requested data. Ramanathan (2018) has said that database management tool like cloud computing allows having frequently shared of information without any barrier. It allows improving the information sharing and communication within the organization. Such kind of measures leads business to an impressive level of success. The Piercy (2018) argued that technological tool like social media application is significant because it helps in controlling the cost. Better reach to customers is a factor that forces businesses to have an application of social media. Operational support is also being offered by tools that assist in leading business to an impressive level of success.

Schement (2018) has contended that using ICT business firm can easily improve its communication effectiveness. It allows having better interaction with diverse clients and employees of a different brand in a standard manner. It improves the ratio of data sharing so that proper decisions can be taken into account. Land (2018) has argued that the application of database management assists in maintaining records of customers. It means understanding about customer needs can also be developed properly by having an analysis of information maintained in the database. Better support can be offered to customers to accomplish key goals and objectives. Rowlands (2018) has also stated that ICT provides effective information processing that promotes the effectiveness and controls the cost in a diverse manner. Economical measures can be controlled in the desired manner to meet objectives. Interactive communication promotion is also a benefit that a business firm can attain through the application of ICT standards.

According to the Onyango (2018), there are few challenges that businesses face in database management application. It is one of challenging task for employees to manage a high volume of data in an appropriate manner because it creates confusion. It impacts the overall process in a negative manner. In addition to this, the limit of scalability is also a challenge that influences the overall performance in a negative manner. Diverse measures need to be employed for better development of work standards. Janich et al. (2018) has said that data security is also a challenge that must be controlled by businesses. It has been noticed hacking can be done through unethical persons that can influence the overall work conditions so proper standards can be employed.

Boddy et al. (2018) has said that management can focus on training and development about technological use so that knowledge about the use of tools can be advanced. It will enhance the work effectiveness and leads the business firm to an impressive level of success. Yanmaz (2018) has contended that bench-marking in the technological application will also assist in controlling the time consumption over activities.