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Report on Warehouse for a pharmaceutical company


The aim of this review is to define and provide a systematic overview of quantitative models in the pharmaceutical supply chain, a topic not studied exhaustively in previous healthcare logistics reviews mainly related to quantitative models in healthcare or hospital logistics studies. The review involved research papers published between 1984 and November 2016 in the databases. This involved a total of 46 studies. In the review process, we found that demand in the 56 per cent of cases is the most common source of uncertainty in the three fields used.


The State has been involved in supporting pharmaceutical warehouse facilities. And the industry must concentrate on building an structured warehouse sector. The pharmaceutical product quality  is defined as one that is pure, correctly recognized, effective and safe to use. Customers and patients have an ethical (and legal) right to demand prescription products of a high quality. The warehouse plays a crucial role in the production of innovative products, as it is accountable for all upcoming products (including labeling and packaging) and finished product releases. Therefore GMP regulations are in place to ensure proper handling and storage of materials while ensuring correct documentation.


Kwon et al conducted a analysis of the different fields of pharmaceutical supply chain management. It addresses strategic areas in which the supply chain will achieve cost-efficiency, such as customer relationship management, logistics organizational methods, and process improvement. In addition, work on management problems in the pharmaceutical industry has been carried out and this analysis uses regional classification, work methodologies and management issues. Except for recognizing emerging problems for health care professionals, the research is not dedicated to discovering quantitative models in the pharmaceutical supply chains. Volland et al present a recent study of material logistics in hospitals. Hospitals' logistical practices are analyzed in this analysis, and many possibilities for future studies are found. Although this is not a analysis of quantitative pharmaceutical supply chain models, some of the features of this research are close to the current work, as it reviews inventory models.


Lastly, judging from the number of publications in this field, the pharmaceutical supply chain is
an important subject with significant real-world applications; however, despite some recent
developments, few works remain on this subject.

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