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Report on Movie Analysis Paper Sosc201 Diversity in Society


The story “A Time to Kill” was a novel written by John Grisham in the year 1980, which was then portrayed as a film that was released in 1996. In a town named Canton, Mississippi, a girl of ten years old was abducted and brutally raped and then beaten by two white men of that locality.  These men dumped the girl near a river when they failed to hang her, and afterwards, they got arrested also. The subsequent revenge and the killing of these men by the father of the child gained all the attention of the audience and this story hit the mind of the viewers hard. This concept came to his mind after the incident of the rape and murder that he knew of. This novel was about an African-American girl being raped by two white men, which happened frequently in that country because the white cannot stand the black people and do not want them to stay in their society along with them. At the end of the story during the last verdict, the black people came to support the girl and his father to give justice to this unfair means. This was the culture of that country where the whites used torture on the black and they followed the racist culture. In the last part of the story the man was made free because he was innocent and whatever he has done, he did out of anger, rage, and vengeance. He could not take the pain of the girl being tortured so badly just because she was black.


The racism discrimination against the “Blacks” is a very frequent and common issue in America where the city needs to change the way the society thinks of the “blacks” including the way they think of themselves (Tolliver et al., 2016). The only way to fight this racism the “Blacks” need to have a positive attitude towards themselves and try to fight for their benefits and policies. The negative of this conflict is about discriminating against certain races and does not consider anything positive aspects from it except eradicating such practices from the race. It will become positive when this would entail the negative racism toward the others like the racial kinship and pride which becomes pernicious to those who are not the members of the race (Riaz et al., 2018).
The Klan on the way to the court for a hearing had met with an argument with a woman belonging of the Black origin. The Klan attacked them and both the sides Black and White broke into a horrible fight (Green, 2017). The Klan planned to take revenge on the girl’s father and so they went to the court to achieve their purpose on the other hand, the Blacks fought the Klan to support the father and the daughter. This shows that the Blacks were being oppressed by the whites for so long years and they were so much dominated by the torture of the Whites’ that now they got their chance to show their power of unity and in this field somewhere the government was also in the move to defend the Blacks (Riaz et al., 2018).
Yes, I saw evidence of prejudice and discrimination in individual characters. The type of discrimination I saw was racism. In the movie “A Time to Kill” we can see several times when racism has is practised in the movie. Most of the white men in the movie were trying to insult Carl Lee, a character in the movie, just because he is black. Carl Lee’s daughter had been raped and thrown into the river. He and his attorney struggled a lot to bring justice to Carl Lee and Tonya, his daughter because they were subjected to racism (Lauren, 2018).
The community or the workplace was severely hindered by discrimination and oppression. The community was very oppressive in the movie we can see how Tonya, a little girl was raped by two grown-up men and thrown into the river. The workplace was also hindered by discrimination as we can see how hard it was to get justice for Tonya and her father Carl Lee in the courtroom. They were subjected to racism. Injustice was done to them and many characters in the movie misbehaved with the father whose daughter was raped because of their race (Lauren, 2018).
The cultural competence on the part of the characters deeply impacts the workplace and the community. Many changes could have been seen if the characters of the movie valued cultural competence. There were a few characters like the attorney of Carl Lee who was Jake Brigance and the team of Jake who was good by heart and tried their best to defend Carl Lee. Many characters practised racism and discrimination in the movie. If the characters could value cultural competence then Carl Lee could receive justice very easily in the courtroom (Weaver & Frampton, 2019). If the characters had cultural values especially the brother of the rapist would never go to Jake’s house and threaten his daughter and wife or even threaten his team. If the characters in the movie respected all types of races and cultures then Tonya, the girl who was raped and her father Carl Lee would have served justice in the first place (Weaver & Frampton, 2019).
If I were a character in the film then I would think of some way to help Carl Lee and his daughter Tonya (Russell et al., 2018). Even if I were a white person in the movie, I would not let race be an obstacle in the path of justice. Yes, sometimes I might follow some prejudices and stereotypes because I would have seen all the white people doing it, but I would also look into the situation and would not follow racism. Carl Lee killed the men who brutally raped her daughter Tonya. Carl Lee and his attorney Jake had to fight a lot with the people because Carl Lee was continuously subjected to discrimination. If I were a character in the movie, I would have helped Tonya and Carl Lee to get justice and not let my prejudices come between them (Russell et al., 2018).


“A Time to Kill” is based on the novel written by John Grisham has skilfully constructed the plan of mortality that pushes all the right keys for the right conclusions. It began with the girl who was being brutally raped by two white men. The father of the girl killed those rapists while they were on the way to the court for a hearing. The local lawyer forms the white liberal agrees to help the father and would defend him. The Klan made a plan to take revenge on him. The port which made me surprised is the fight of the father for her daughter who killed two men on the way to court. His sufferings and avenge took my heart away.