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Report on Gender Equality

Gender equality and acceptance is an important prospect of a healthy social life as it provides a space for people to express themselves and have a stable life. Classrooms are a closed niche that lay an important impact on the participants as they have strong impact on each other. The classroom has to be more reflective and gender neutral. It means that the responses shared by the students should not be gender oriented and hurtful. An educator has the chance in class to show sensitivity towards gender equality and he/she can do it to mobilize the problem and negative aspects of gender inequality.
The educator should also collect feedbacks from the students to understand the current status of the classroom. It is found that most of the people are insensitive towards other genders because of lack of awareness and knowledge. If the students can be provided with a reflective answer then they can help themselves in sensitizing the subject. The language has  always  been one of the root causes of intolerance towards gender neutrality.
There are many places where such hurtful language can be avoided to make the conversation gender neutral and acceptable to all genders. A gender neutral language and its usage in class do not only break the stereotypes but it also gives the opportunity to understand situations of one another. The encouragement of gender neutral language helps in raising the question regarding its importance and merits. The context can be given from the history where lack of tolerance towards gender neutrality has caused pain and sufferings to humans.
The classroom should also be segregated in groups intentionally in order to ensure that nobody is escaping from the engagement and is equally participating in making efforts to develop a good atmosphere. The whole learning process becomes interactive when the segregation is done and it also helps the students to understand needs of each other. The students should also be provided with real life situations that happen in outside classroom so that they can take  decisions that are not derogatory to gender other than their own. It helps them to be vocal about sufferings of one another and also gives them opportunity to check their behaviour (6 Ways You Can Promote Gender Equality In Your Classroom | TeachThought, 2019).


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