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Report on Customer Relationship Management Plan

Problem Synopsis

The plan is regarding a spa-centric hotel chain, International Waters Inc. operating for two years. The firm is located on the west coast of the US and both east and west coast of Mexico. All the services that the company provides are based on water features or spas. Recently through the CSR database and customer surveys, the company has realised a problem that they cannot build up a long-term association with their customers. The CEO wants Marketing Director to come up with a Customer Relationship Management Plan to solve this problem.


  • Identifying areas of impact for customers such as trial usage of the product, active usage by the  purchasers of the product, encouragement of recommendations and generating word of mouth through existing customers
  • Identifying drivers of customer satisfaction
  • Analysing service quality to customers such as problem-solving, response time, and overall experience
  • Regular feedback from customers for core product and experience
  • Identifying pain points or churning non-active customers
  • Generating active referrals and sales opportunities through special offers benefiting customers

Alignment of Mission to Market/Branding

For aligning brand and customer through experience the company must focus on three main areas – customer intimacy, agile execution, and connecting organisation.

Customer Intimacy involves a deep understanding of the brand influencing the overall customer experience. It allows understanding emotional and rational customer journeys and integrating required sources to access primary customer information. It generates a brand story or narrative by defining customer experience (Kotler & Keller, 2016).

Agile Execution is translating brand promises to experiencing principles or a set of rules. It optimises and improves customer experience through customer values that include consistent performance on every touchpoint and collaborating marketing, branding, research, and customer experience together.

Connecting Organisation in other terms means motivated employees involving customer and brand promise within customer interaction. It develops a sense of responsibility for living the brand within and outside the organisation. It also develops a coherent relationship amongst brand, sales, marketing, and operations. (Forshew, 2018)

Training to Staff

The training tactics for increasing customer engagement must include several customer training programs for educating customers about complete detail of the product or service increasing chances for customer engagement. Secondly, whenever a new customer signs up for the product or service that is the best time for staff to enrol into training for making them aware of value addition and opportunity to risk churn.

The key to getting the customers back is to keep training the staff members through features like new feature releases, best practice advice etc. such that customers can understand product relationships with the company. Designing a learning path or developing LMS will help staff members to continuously learn.

Awareness of Brand Created

Brand awareness can be created through guest blogs on different websites, maximising organic presence on social media, developing a brand voice, starting podcasts, taking part in brand partnerships, giving freebies, using native advertising, running Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, and referral programs (Walgrove, 2019).

Opportunity to Test Brand

The testing brand is a marketing program that essentially depends upon the kind of manufacturing process involved on the basis of a new product being launched for testing or the national launch of the product. The benefits of test marketing can be defined as an opportunity for brand testing in typical market conditions such that its sales performance can be predicted. Another advantage is that the management can make accurate predictions of its national turnover. It will provide an opportunity on limited sales for any rectification in the product or marketing plan, if any, before proceeding with a national launch. (Cadbury, 1975)

Customer Touch Points and How Addressed

A customer touchpoint is any interaction or encounter with the customer that may change the way in which the customer used to feel about the product, brand, or business. During customer touchpoints, the context or cultural tone in the communication must be appropriate for meeting customer expectations. The interaction or encounter must be of some utility to the customer. The customer should feel that the interaction was important or meaningful to the customer. The interaction should be successful in creating a certain kind of delightful bond with the customer.

Promotion of IW to create brand loyalty

International Waters Inc. must offer the best booking and service experience for its customers. It must provide customised service by knowing the nature and preferences of the customer basis on which the service can be personalised. The company needs to be active on social media for keeping in regular touch with its customers. It must also be service-focused.

Creating value for Returning Customers

IW must be actively involved in fostering loyalty and creating brand value. Brand recall is very important for reminding customers about the brand. Buyers must be offered the privilege to make a choice of service to suit their needs. The customers should feel special and compelled to return (Ayyar, 2015).

Follow-up and Summary of Plan

Customers must be followed up regularly by the staff members for the service request. Customer success will be achieved through strong marketing or branding, training staff members for customer return, creating offline and online brand awareness, brand testing, brand loyalty, and value creation.