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This blog discusses the strategic healthcare planning of CHI organization. An interpretation of the internal environment is discussed along with potential negative and positive influences. Strategic goals and mission of CHI organization are illustrated in this paper. Health structure and service provision are guaranteed to give better healthcare services.


Analysis of internal environment

Working in the internal environment of CHI Health is concerned with enhanced patient experience. CHI employs well trained and knowledgeable staffs that work on the frontline to provide quality healthcare. Members of the board are engaged in attaining sustainable development (Safonov & Borshch, 2019). Physicians discharge their duties to their best capability and help patients recover. External consultants are imperative for regulating the operations of CHI Health and revise its functions to progress as an evolving organization. These people help in properly regulating the internal environment of the healthcare institute.

Service area competitor analysis

Service category is conducting virtual visits to patients. This is a good opportunity to look after patients’ and their families’ safety during this pandemic. This service area is healthcare although it will be conducted virtually. Online consultations will occur by using smart phones, laptops or tablets. As per Porter’s framework, the organization must concentrate on specialization such that patient experience is enhanced. Porter’s framework suggests that CHI Health must develop good service of virtual visits to patients. This facility would enable visitors to remain in contact with the respective patients and avoid crowds at hospital during COVID-19.

Weaknesses and strengths of competitor

Providing opportunities of virtual visit to their patients is an excellent opportunity for CHI Health to remain ahead of their competitors. The strength of potential competitors is that they can also introduce virtual visits to their patients (BURNEY, 2017). Their weakness is that they might not be able to implement unique techniques of CHI Health to attain patient satisfaction.

Competitors can also widen their strength by providing services beyond their immediate area. This would need the competitors to get more people to satisfy the needs of customers.

Classification of weaknesses and strengths

A major strength of the service category of virtual visit is to avoid overcrowding at the hospital during COVID-19. People can keep contact with the patients from the safety of their homes. A weakness in this service category is that patients’ families must have access to electronic appliances like smart phones, laptops and tablets. All the people don’t have these gadgets or the means to purchase them.

Competitive relevance

Competitive relevance of these weaknesses and strengths are imperative to exercise strategic planning for CHI Health operations. Adoption of these expedient strategies will eventually enable CHI Health to enhance patient satisfaction by providing optimum patient care (Krawczyk-Sołtys, 2017). Virtual visit is a new technique that will facilitate better customer satisfaction during this pandemic. The likely responses of CHI Health include reviewing their strategic plan and devising more sustainable measures for enhancing their services.


Strategic goals, mission and vision of CHI

CHI vision is to provide healing to the body, spirit and mind. The organization concentrates on caring for the patients and their families. CHI needs to incorporate certain strategic measures into their regular activities. CHI’s mission is to make God’s healing process popular in this world. This can be done by improving medical treatment services, especially vulnerable people, which shall bring justice to everyone (, 2020).

Strategic objectives shared across CHI Health are based on distinctive value, exceptional care, and vibrant ministry and energized community. CHI Health intends to create distinctive value by caring for people in innovative ways. They strengthen their core values to develop into a vibrant ministry. People’s wellbeing is put into their own hands so that they can also decide the best treatments for themselves, thereby providing exceptional care to the patients (, 2020). The community is energized by alignment with the expertise and passion of people and forming partnerships with others sharing commitment to make people lives better.

In my opinion, the strategic goals and their appropriate implementation is the most important aspect for CHI Health organization.


CHI Health is a leading organization in providing optimum medical services to the ailing patients. This paper discusses the mission, vision, strategic plan of this organization that aligns with the operations of its internal environment. A major aspect of this paper is the new service category of virtual visit to patients. This provision has even got some negative and positive aspects, which are illustrated in this paper. The discussion made in this paper will eventually highlight the significance of implementing proper healthcare management systems.



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