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Nursing Assignment Help: A Case Study on Adult Health Assessment

Case Study: Miss Anna Star is a 26-year-old patient that has been admitted to the urgent care with an acute asthma exacerbation.  She reports a past medical history of respiratory illness while in college and states she was diagnosed with asthma at that time. She states she has no allergies and uses a “rescue inhaler” as her only medication. She admits that the rescue inhaler did not bring her relief this time, which is why she came into the urgent care facility. She states she is a non-smoker and lives alone with her newly adopted cat. She attended a party the night before her admission where there were quite a few people smoking.

  1. What precipitating factors are associated with asthma for Miss Anna as per the case study?

Answer: The precipitating factors associated with Asthma for Miss Anna are respiratory illness and allergies.

  1. What equipment is required to conduct your assessment on Miss Star?

Answer: The equipment required are rescue inhaler and oxygen cylinders. Along with that the required equipment’s are MDI and chamber.

  1. Describe how you would perform a detailed respiratory assessment on Miss Star. What findings would the practical nurse learner expect to observe/hear?

Answer: The breathing technique and inhaling sound are the main findings that a nurse must find out while they are examining Miss Star.

  1. Describe three abnormal findings that would indicate a severe asthma attack.

Answer: A severe asthma attack can be recognized through different abnormalities like breathing problem, allergies, and respiratory illness. The feeling that cleared the idea of asthma is, short of breath and increase in the work breathing. On auscultation, the breathing problem indicates wheezing is heard from the nose.

  1. Discuss the benefits of administering inhaled medications using a chamber. Use current literature.

Answer: The benefits of using Chamber are,

  • Insertion of MDI into an end of the spacer device
  • The patient can breathe in a regular manner
  • Patient depress medication is increased
  • Any exhalation on the spacer is reduced so that no infection might happen

Nursing Assignment Help - All Assignment Experts

  1. Describe the education you would give to Miss Star about positioning herself to facilitate breathing.

Answer: The educational parameters provided to Miss Star are the vital signs of asthma as in,

  • T-36.7 C
  • P- 148 BPM and regular
  • BP-155/70
  • RR- 36 breaths per minute
  1. Discuss how you would assess that the treatments are working.

Answer: We have to measure the parameters on a regular basis and how the parameters are increasing or decreasing.

  1. Based on the assessment findings above, discuss what you believe is happening with Miss Star and why.

Answer: Based on the above findings, it is evident that Miss Star is having a severe asthma attack. The girl is having allergies and facing a lot of breathing problems as in shortage of breathing, wheezing during inhaling. The sound is familiar in medical history as it indicates respiratory illness. Miss Star also states that she feels her tongue so big and her throat is feeling itchy. Even on the skin of Miss Star, there are a lot of red bruises.

  1. What would our priority assessments be?

Answer: The priority assessment would be checking of pulse and BP. The wheezing sound is also an indication of inhaling and exhaling problem. The priority assessment would be including the oxygen intake measurement and according to inhaling treatment.

  1. What would your first action be?

Answer: My first action would be providing a rescue inhaler to Miss Star that will be helping the woman in breathing properly. The prior action would be CVS-S1 and S2 osculated cap refill. The cap refill is less than 2 minutes and counting.