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The focus of this paper is laid on the business strategy of Transportation Company called “WheelsUp”. In addition, the paper will also shed light on the understanding of the business and the importance of IT strategies within the business. On the other hand, the paper will also discuss the business strategies along with internal strategy and external business strategies of Transportation Company called “WheelsUp”. Furthermore, the impact of external business strategies over the development of the firm will also be illustrated. It has been identified that the business strategy mainly helps a company to formulate different categories of the business in order to attain a competitive position. Apart from this, the IT strategies in the organization will mainly help the employees to manage their working functions in an effective way. Furthermore, the internal strategy will also help the business to organize the business function through which a competitive position can be attained.

Business strategy of the company

It has been seen that due to the worldwide idea of current organizations, hyper-rivalry exists between associations at worldwide level. Then again, the paper will likewise talk about the business systems alongside inner procedure and outer business techniques. Besides, the effect of outer business procedures over the advancement of the firm will likewise be shown. It has been recognized that the business methodology principally causes an organization to detail various classifications of the business so as to achieve a serious position (Leonidou et al. 2017).

Role of IT to support business

A business strategy creates a vision and direction for the whole organisation. It is important that all people within a company have clear goals and are following the direction, or mission of the organisation. A strategy can provide this vision and prevent individuals from losing sight of their company’s aims.

Internet stage model

A few organizations go worldwide because of rivalry at neighborhood levels. For instance, instructive foundations offer online courses to draw in worldwide crowds and mobile phone organizations routinely offer administrations to worldwide clients. In this model, the capital, crude materials, offices, and work are the information sources gave to an association. The sources of info are utilized and changed by the association's business exercises to create items and administrations (yields) to the condition (clients). The yields are created dependent on objectives (portions), and they give the criticism. Aside from this, the IT methodologies in the association will predominantly assist the representatives with managing their working capacities in a successful manner. Moreover, the inward system will likewise assist the business with organizing the business work through which a serious position can be accomplished.

Risks for choosing the stage

With this, through these different factors the company may be able to attract their customer attention to travel with them in different countries. Therefore, the need of external strategies in the firm will mainly help the firm to develop strategic functions. A front line business structure merges a business framework with an IT strategy. Affiliations need to make systems that idea on time to market and customer administration. Irrefutably, customers have various choices in this new economy. If an association sets aside an amazingly long effort to pass on help while its enemies take days, by then the alliance just leaves business (Bıçakcıoğlu et al. 2019).

Understanding the business

Name of the organization
Transportation Company called “WheelsUp”.
Business Strategies

It has been seen that because of the overall thought of current associations, hyper-contention exists between relationships at overall level. A couple of associations go overall in light of competition at neighborhood levels. For example, enlightening establishments offer online courses to attract overall groups and cell phone associations routinely offer organizations to overall customers. In this model, the capital, rough materials, workplaces, and work are the data sources provided for an affiliation. The wellsprings of data are used and changed by the
affiliation’s business activities to make things and organizations (respects) the condition (customers). The yields are made reliant on destinations (parts), and they give the analysis. On the other hand, the paper will in like manner talk about the business frameworks close by internal methodology and external business procedures. Moreover, the impact of external business strategies over the headway of the Transportation Company called “WheelsUp” will similarly be appeared. It has been perceived that the business procedure chiefly makes an association detail different characterizations of the business in order to accomplish a genuine position (Johnson, 2016). Beside this, the IT procedures in the affiliation will prevalently help the agents with dealing with their working limits in a fruitful way. In addition, the internal framework will moreover help the business with sorting out the business work through which a genuine position can be practiced.

What is a strategy?

The strategy is the technique used by the business firms in order to develop a competitive position. In addition, the strategy also helps the business entities to develop a suitable position for achieving the goals and objectives. A cutting edge business system consolidates a business system with an IT technique. Organizations need to create procedures that attention on time to market and client support. Clearly, clients have numerous options in this new economy. On the off chance that an organization takes a very long time to convey assistance while its rivals take days, at that point the organization just leaves business. It is fundamental to change inner frameworks and create successful interfaces with clients and providers to be fruitful. Normally, data innovation assumes a significant job in this zone. The methodology is the system utilized by the Transportation Company called “WheelsUp to build up a serious position. Likewise, the technique additionally encourages the business elements to build up an appropriate situation for accomplishing the objectives and targets. A front line business framework combines a business framework with an IT method. Associations need to make methods that consideration on time to market and customer support (Gattorna, 2017). Unmistakably, customers have various choices in this new economy. If an association sets aside an exceptionally long effort to pass on help while its adversaries take days, by then the association just leaves business. It is central to change inward systems and make effective interfaces with customers and suppliers to be productive. Typically, information development expects a critical activity in this zone.

Internal strategy

The internal strategy like business systems, processes, culture and structure should be maintained by the firm in such a manner through which a competitive position can be maintained. It is important for an organization to handle the employees in a proper way in order to develop a strong internal strategy. It is major to change inward structures and make effective interfaces with customers and suppliers to be productive. Typically, information advancement accepts a huge activity in this zone therefore, customers may be able to avail offline ticket booking system. The technique is the framework used by the business firms in order to develop a genuine position. Similarly, the system also urges the business components to develop a proper circumstance for achieving the destinations and targets. A cutting edge business structure consolidates a business system with an IT technique. Affiliations need to make techniques that thought on time to market and client service. Unquestionably, clients have different options in this new economy. In the event that an affiliation puts aside an incredibly long exertion to pass on help while its foes take days, by then the affiliation just leaves business. It is fundamental to change internal frameworks and make successful interfaces with clients and providers to be gainful.

External business strategies

The external strategies are being used by the Transportation Company called “WheelsUp” in order to mitigate the factors of political, social, economic and technological. These factors can
affect the business firm in an effective way.


From the above study, it can be concluded that a front line business structure merges a business framework with an IT strategy. Affiliations need to make systems that idea on time to market and customer administration. Irrefutably, customers have various choices in this new economy. If an association sets aside an amazingly long effort to pass on help while its enemies take days, by then the alliance just leaves business.


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