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Is MBA the right career choice for you?

If you are dreaming to start your own business or aspire to become a CEO of the company then management knowledge is must for you. You need to know everything from doing a research on which products to design, how to design it, how to make it user-friendly, how to do marketing, how to increase sales, how to fight competition and the list can go on and on. To get the basics right, you need to pursue MBA.

People with MBA  are equipped with the basic knowledge of how to run the business successfully. Obviously one has to keep learning and updating to be competitive in the ever changing world. Pursue MBA from the reputed university if you want to change your personality 360 degree and want to be a successful businessman.

People with MBA degree are likely to get into various professions, including financial analyst, brand manager, production manager, sales manager, project manager, cost accounting analyst, and many lucrative profiles. If you are interested in starting your own company or want to take part in the business activities of a large firm, then MBA is the right career path for you.

MBA offers you great career opportunities and higher salaries compared to graduate candidates. In MBA to get to learn subject like Finance, accounting, Marketing, Sales and distribution, Data analysis, Operations and many more. MBA also teaches you how to make use of Microsoft office tools and analytical software to prepare powerful presentations. It improves your negotiating skills.  It grooms your personality to handle business challenges, take calculated risks to improve business performance and venture into unknown territories by doing thorough research. If you are interested in any of these fields then MBA is for you.

You need to choose a specialization in MBA (Marketing, Finance, Human Resources etc) to develop a niche and based on you specialization, companies offer you job profile. Even if you choose MBA as a career, you also need to decide your specialization based on your interest and your strengths. If you are good in data analysis then you can choose Finance or operations, if you are creative then choose advertising, if you have good negotiating skills then go for Sales and Business development and if you have a desire to be an entrepreneur then you need to be an all-rounder.

If you want to be a successful engineer, physicist, artist, sportsman, historian or many field that does not need MBA knowledge to be successful then MBA is not something you should pursue. You can take few online courses on MBA topics which you feel are relevant to your field or you can hire a management consultant who will take care of management work.

Hope this blog has given you some clarity on if you should pursue MBA or not. If you are still not sure what you want to do then talk to our Management pundits.

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