Is learning MATLAB important for my career growth?

MATLAB programming is an important subject in Engineering. A student who becomes pro in this subject can get job opportunities with a good pay and better profile compared to the students who do not know MATLAB at all. MATLAB is used by many companies, especially firms which deal with Mechanical and Civil engineering. You can get entry in lucrative careers in Aerospace and Automobile  car manufacturing companies are also using MATLAB to design and develop various systems.

The other major industry that is using MATLAB is robotics. With the intuitive functionality and increase in the hardware support building robots using MATLAB have become quite easy. There are a few financial companies who are using MATLAB to minimize portfolio risks. In addition, MATLAB equipped with financial toolbox will let you to analyze the risks with ease. The company that is into data analysis and presentation can use MATLAB to carry out the tasks successfully. There are few companies who use MATLAB to make recruitment announcements.

This clearly indicates that every company is using MATLAB and the career growth of the person choosing MATLAB programming would be rewarding. MATLAB is used in almost every industry where data analysis has to be done. With the treasure trove of data in every industry, people with MATLAB skill would have a pool of opportunities with a promising career. If you are interested in the research field or would like to take up data analysis as your profession, then learning MATLAB would be a great value addition to your career. This helps you to prototype new ideas briskly and with ease. If you would like to be a software engineer, then you do not need to learn MATLAB, since this programming is totally regarding scientific computing whereas the software programming would be totally about developing mobile and web applications. It is crucial for you to learn about the environment and language to have a great career and bright future. You can have a great career, if you are learning MATLAB. The best thing about MATLAB is that, any individual with good set of MATLAB programming skills can develop a code, thus saving a lot of time of developers and testers in installing and configuring new libraries and other tasks that they would like to perform. The MATLAB libraries let developers to try out new ideas.

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