How To Score 700+ In GMAT In 1 Month

GMAT is the competitive exam that is given by the aspirants who want to pursue their MBA from the best colleges and universities globally. The aspirants who get flying score would get admission in the top universities and can have a bright career later. To score 700 + in GMAT, you would need to keep on practicing and remember the formula that are important to solve the quantitative section problems. With time constraints, not many students would be able to crack this exam. However, with proper time management and by doing mental calculations, aspirants can attempt almost every question. The best part of this exam is that, it has no negative marking. The aspirants scoring well would get enrolled in their dream college. Interestingly, the aspirants who have sound knowledge on English just need a month of preparation to crack the exam. In fact, in this month’s preparation, you can score 700+ marks in the exam.

This can only be accomplished when you plan the monthly routine perfectly. Here is the plan that is suggested by online tutoring and can be embraced by the students to gain brilliant score in GMAT.

Schedule your exam date after preparation: You do not need to go and take the exam in haste rather you can prepare for the exam a month and give the test to score well. GMAT is the exam that is conducted across the globe and you can take the test any number of times. However, for every attempt, you would need to burn holes in your pockets to pay the exam fee. When you give the exam on the later date, you can prepare well. However, you can give the best performances when you are under high pressure. Therefore, you would need to prepare for the exam before a month of giving it to crack it.

Create a status board: Rather than practicing the sections that you have gained perfection over, practice the sections that you have to improve. You need to make a list of sections that are covered in the GMAT in a paper. Try to answer two to three questions in each section. If you are able to answer two to three questions correctly, keep on solving the questions and if you are able to solve only a question from three to four questions, then you would need to refer to the basic concepts and practice to attain perfection.

You can prepare a board and see the progress that you are attaining in each section.

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Divide and study: You need to practice each section at a time rather than doing every section and getting confused. You need to set few days for verbal section and another few days for quantitative section. Ensure to set weekly targets and meet them. You would need to review your progress from time to time to crack the exam easily.

Follow the official guide of GMAT: The question based approach in the GMAT guide will help you to check the questions that had appeared in the previous tests. Rather than just memorizing the answers, you would need to learn the concepts to answer similar kind of questions that you may get on your test.

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