How To Prepare An Impactful Presentation?

Whether you just joined a new college program or planning to enter corporate life; PowerPoint Presentations will never leave your curriculum. As PowerPoint Presentations better known as PPTs are crucial parts of presenting any information, every student must know how to prepare an impactful presentation to leave a lasting impression on the audience. So here are a few presentation tips on how you can create an impressive PPT.

  1. Using slides just for support

Create slides that emphasize your topic and complement the same. Often people fill in PPT slides with all the things that they want to explain. Instead, presentation slides should only be used to write down pointers. Also, one slide should not have more than 5 pointers, to keep it simple. This will help you to focus your discussing on the key topics. Detail information can be written in the notes section at the bottom of the slide.

  1. Using Graphics

Not all slides need to have bullet points! Using graphics, charts, and images is another way to emphasize and explain the point in a better manner. This is very useful when you want to explain statistical surveys or numbers. If you feel like a particular point can be explained better with the help of an image, do not hesitate to do so. Ultimately, what matters the most is keeping your audience glued to your presentation. Another tip is to start a new topic or a sub-topic with new image or graphic. This makes the audience more attentive.

  1. Introduction of the goal

During in-house presentations, it is possible that the audience already knows your topic. But in real life, people might not be aware of the same. Hence, it is important to introduce the topic in first to the third slide. The right time to introduce your subject is right after you introduce yourself. If your audience comes to know about your subject early, they’ll be able to understand your presentation better.

  1. Ask questions

Yes, ask questions to your audience to make sure that they are paying attention towards your presentation. But make sure, they are either rhetorical questions or thought provoking ones. For instance, you can simply ask them if they have understood the point or not. Frame your questions around the expected reply. This easily conveys your point to the audience and also helps you in moving forward in the presentation.

  1. Be ready to answer questions

Even if you have answered questions during the presentation, you should always leave some time for Q&A session post the presentation. The questions asked in the middle of the presentation derail your presentation or divert you from the topic so make sure that you come back to the track. If no one asks questions, in the end, prepare your own questions and start with ‘I am usually asked about…’ or ‘You may want to know about….’

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We hope these tips will be helpful for you in your upcoming presentations.

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