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How To Do Academic Research For Economics Thesis

Research is quite hard even for the best. It is mostly learned only by trial and error; in fact mostly by error and there is no specific template. Your research question or project can be good only if it is original, interesting and feasible. There are three main types of research in Economics – real theory, applied theory and empirical work.

Now how do you find a good topic or idea for your Economics thesis? What you need to do is find something that holds your interest. Every field has something excellent that can be written on. But you have to zero in on an area which holds your attention and where you can make some investments.

You need to attend seminars, read survey articles, old journals, newspapers, go through the Internet. You never know where you would find something catchy and interesting. Once you have found or thought out some ideas try and triage them with others. It’s possible you are just getting too optimistic about it. Look at it from another individual’s point of view. They would be able to tell you whether your idea is really worth delving into. First look at the big picture and do not get bogged down with details. Once you have found the perfect idea, stick to it. Take advice from your supervisor.

As a researcher, it is not your only job to create knowledge but you also need to communicate it properly and effectively. Your reader cannot be persuaded unless you have figured it out. If your thinking is muddled then your writing and research would be muddled too. Your theses need to be precisely and clearly stated and you would only then be able to see any gaps if at all. Unless your topic is interesting your writing cannot get transparent. No one would like to slog through your writing if it is boring. Your research needs to be solid and only then can it be seen in your writing. Nobody would like to slog through your writing. You need to make the reader identify with your research and writing and the contribution of your Economics thesis.

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