Event Management Essay Writing

Event Management for Start Up in the City

The event management is considerable for the alignment of the particulars of the project management for integrating the formation of the works (Halligan, 2017). The development of the particulars would be deployed for the continuation of the effective work alignment. The continuation of the works was deployed for the aligned development of the specifications aligned with using the information alignment. The composition would align the activity deployment and continuation of the works. The following assignment had been developed for the formation of the works. The assignment would help in identifying the event to the core and formation requirements for the project.

1. Event Overview

The event is required to be held for the continuous management of the works and developing the continuation of the implied management works. The event includes the hosting of the event of ‘Start Up in the City’ for the entrepreneurs of Toronto. The event would consider the alignment of sequential work alignment and forming the innovative work management (Hayes, 2015). The event would be done effectively for taking care of the works to be done. The alignment is to be deployed with the usage of the facilities aligning the composition of the smart work analysis. The event would help in presenting an overview of networking and processing for the Developer Experience Group.

2. Attendees of the Event

The event of ‘Start Up in the City’ would be developed for processing the presentation and network development facilities for the Entrepreneurs of Toronto. The location of the event would be somewhere cool for enabling that the attendees must feel compelled to attend the meeting. The event hosting would be done between 4pm to 6 pm and it has been expected that 100 entrepreneurs would attend the meeting/event. The local and distant company owners would be marked with the aligned development of the works. It would enable the compilation of the tools and methods aligning the composition of the works to be distributed for making the effective integration of the works (Moore, 2017). It is very important for enabling the formation of the works to be identified for deploying information sharing with the entrepreneurs of the meeting.

Profile of Audience Role
Entrepreneurs Main Audiences of the event
Local Shop Owners Trying to integrate and develop their business
Business Developers Investing in the various business companies
Media Promotion of the event on larger scale


3. Preliminary Project Budget

The preliminary project budget for the event of ‘Start Up in the City’ is shown below,

Resource Type Particulars Standard Rate Usage Cost
Human Project Manager $            100.00 80 $         8,000.00
Human Planner $               60.00 48 $         2,880.00
Human Budgeter $               65.00 40 $         2,600.00
Human Contractor $               90.00 40 $         3,600.00
Human Workers $               50.00 120 $         6,000.00
Cost Rent $       15,000.00 1 $       15,000.00
Cost Equipment $         5,000.00 1 $         5,000.00
Cost Food $         2,500.00 1 $         2,500.00
Cost Documents $               20.00 1 $              20.00
Cost Safety Tools $         1,000.00 2 $         2,000.00
Cost Contingency $       24,000.00 10% $         2,400.00
Total Budget $       50,000.00


4. Venue

4.1 Venue Options

The three options for the venue of the meeting of the Start Up in the City in Niagara are,

  • Queen’s Landing
  • Ramada Niagara
  • Inn on the Twenty

All three of the venues provide exotic and effective venue for the implementation of the works and aligning the usage of the effective meeting. The facilities would enable the event to be exquisite and provide the audience with the better work understanding with refreshments.

Since, the event would comprise of the use of the presentation and seminars aligning the entrepreneurs to understand the work. It is very crucial for the management of the facilities for the work management. The locations of Queen’s Landing, Ramada Niagara, and Inn on the Twenty have perfect blend of work along with the facilities for enjoyment. Hence, any of the three venue can be used for the listing of the management works for the presentation and networking.

4.2 Justification for Venue Selection

The last venue for the event was Brassaii which is famous for the technology alignment and the facilities of the entertainment based refreshment. Hence, it is expected by the Developer Experience Group for maintaining the reputation for the improvement of the works. The integration would be done with the consideration of refreshments along with the proper technological tools aligning the information alignment. The integration would also enable the approximately development of the works. The venue of ‘Queen’s Landing’ comprise of different and innovative technology development to be marked with the composition of the smart work alignment. The alignment of the innovative technology development and consolidate technology management would ensure the composition of the works.

5. Status Update Document

Project Name: Event of ‘Start Up in the City’
Status Date 1st March, 2019
Key Points (#ID) Work Status Update (Problem/Attention/Done) Deliver Date
0001 Planning (Time Table, Budget, and Integration) Done 15/02/2019
0002 Developing (Contract Hiring, Food Vendors, Stage Developer, and Contract) Done 28/02/2019
0003 Marketing (Hiring marketing Manager, Promotion, Flyers and Other Documents) Attention 7/03/2019
0004 Assigning (Hiring Human Resources, Working on the project) Problem 12/04/2019
0005 Completing (Final documentation, closure, and handover) Attention 30/04/2019



It had been seen after the completion of the report that the effective work alignment would be done with the continuation of the implied work management. The development had been resulted with the composition of the works to be listed with the formed and aligned development facilities. The composition had shown the selection criteria for the venue, the cost expenses to be considered, and the effective management of the operational plan. The completion of the event was done with the marked and aligned continuation of the facilities. Moreover, the consideration would also ensure the materialistic development of the works.



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