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Dealing with frustration in teenage

Do you know what is the greatest cause of frustration among today’s teenagers? Why do 9 out of every 10 college students are unhappy with his/ her life?  Studies show that the most important reason is desire to achieve more and the inability to convert that desire into reality. Everything has to be the way they want it and if it isn’t then it eventually let them lose their cool and get frustrated. Frustration is an emotional outrage that is experienced by every individual in their lives one or the other times. For adults, it is easy to deal with frustration, but it is highly challenging to fight frustration in teens. This is the tender age where their brain will be developing and hormonal changes will be taking place. In addition, the hot blood in youngsters makes them lose their cool easily.

Ideally, it is very difficult for a parent to handle the frustration and furious teens. It becomes hard for them to pacify their teens when in anger. This is not a problem, but is normally undergone by every teen. The kid will be trying hard to make their parents understand their perspectives. There is no medicine available to control the frustration of kids. It is the sheer responsibility of parents to help them to control their temper and stay cool. This may take days, weeks, months or sometimes years together. However, by then the teen would turn into a caring adult. It is important for teachers and parents to help kids learn life twists in a right way. When teens learn to control their frustration, then it becomes easy for them to grow emotionally strong.

Few of the reasons that make them lose their cool quickly include

  • Bullying by friends
  • Continuous pressure from parents to attain academic goals
  • Lack of time for parents to spend with their kids
  • Lack of love from parents and siblings
  • Poor health conditions
  • Feeling of inferiority
  • Lack of will power

Ideally, parents assume frustration to be a common sign seen in kids. Many instead of finding a solution would ignore the problem. This is not at all considered as a good sign of parenting.

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Ways to deal frustration in teens

Undeniably, it is difficult for parents to balance their temper, but they need to give up and divert their concentration of controlling frustration in teens. Parents are the only one who can solve the frustration problem in kids comfortably and amicably.

As suggested by online help, few of the things that a parent has to be do to help kids to cope up with frustration include

  • Give respect to the opinion of your teenagers and try to step into their shoes to think from their perspective
  • Help teens to move from negative to positive thoughts in a friendly way and with lots of love and affection.
  • Create a warm and happy environment at home. When you are confident enough to deal with situations, then automatically your kids would learn the same from you. This is the best way to show the right path to your growing kids.
  • Never compare your kids with other kids and pass abusive comments
  • Give them the liberty to make their own decisions and respect them. However, your job is to make sure that they have drawn a line for everything
  • Let teens identify their innate abilities and power and preach them that bullying is not the characteristic of a strong person. Tell them to stand strong.
  • Be friendly with your teens so that they can share everything with you and lighten their heart. This develops a good bonding between you and your kid and also help them to admit their mistakes
  • Encourage them to go to the gym or do some physical exercises

If you have any more tips, just mention those in comments below!

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