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Crack the Quantitative section of GMAT in less than 1 month

GMAT is a competitive, elusive exam for many students who want to pursue their dreams of studying abroad in the best colleges and universities. However, there are many institutes who can help you out in cracking the GMAT exam with flying scores. The most complicated part of this exam is to complete quantitative section within the given time. This section gauges the skills set of a candidate in solving problems, basic mathematics and fundamental mathematical concepts that are learned in their elementary level. This is the second section in GMAT that comes between Analytical writing and Verbal sections. The score you gain in mathematics, i.e. in the quantitative section depends on how well you would be able to do complicated problems that are asked in the exam. The score that a GMAT aspirant can gain is on the scale of 0 to 60. However, the highest score that one can reach is 51. It is very critical for you to perform better in Math section to improve your cumulative score.

Basically, the competitive section comprises of 37 multiple choice questions which you would need to finish in 75 minutes. This clearly means that the average time you would need to spend on each question is around 2 minutes. If you are aiming to crack the quantitative section in less than a month, you would need to practice rigorously. This helps you to solve simple to complicated problems in two minutes. The types of problems that are put in this section are about 2/3 of problem solving questions and 1/3 of data sufficiency questions. There are a few problems that are related to charts, figures and graphs. The worst part is that you are not allowed to your calculator to perform calculations. Students with a good high school background can easily crack this exam.

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Few of the online tutoring strategies that one can use to crack quantitative section in less than 1 month in GMAT exam include

Learn shortcuts: The thumb rule to crack this exam is to learn shortcuts, especially shortcut mathematics tricks. By learning these tricks, you can easily solve any complicated problem in a matter of seconds.

Learn to estimate the answers: The best thing about this exam is that there is no negative marking. You can start guessing the answers in the test. You cannot go to the next question without answering the current question. You need to answer 37 questions in just 70 minutes, which is quite difficult. However, using the right techniques will let you quickly eliminate the multiple choices and pick the right one. You need to think logically beyond formulae.

Do calculations mentally: When you start solving every single problem on paper, it eats away your valuable time. You need to be on the toes while attempting the questions, since solving 37 questions within the given time has been impossible for aspirants to attempt by doing calculations on paper. When you calculate mentally, you can solve many problems. In fact, the time it takes to calculate mentally is 50% less compared to doing it on paper. A few tips to improve mental calculations include

  • Learn tables up to 35
  • Learn square, cube, cube root up to 40
  • Play lot of chess and Sudoku


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