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Case Study Writing Made Easy – 5 Tips From Professors Of Ivy League Colleges

Case study writing can be of various kinds; it could be for academic research or for corporate and marketing purposes. Now, the four main kinds of case studies are illustrative, exploratory or investigative, cumulative and critical. As a student, you first need to be familiar with the various styles and types of case studies and how it would apply to you. Once you are done with that, your next step should be to start with your case study. Here we have given you some tips from some renowned professors of Ivy League colleges which would help you in writing smoothly and effectively –

  • The case study design or style you choose needs to be according to the target audience. Plus, you need to analyze your case or situation thoroughly. This could bring out several information or factors which might have gone ignored otherwise. One can write about individuals, countries, companies, even abstract things like practices and programs. Your case study is limited only to your dreams.
  • Once your angle is picked out you need to decide on the topic of your research and the case site. What happens in class? What questions have you been asking in class? Start asking questions and start your research maybe at the library or the internet. Once you narrow down you can start concentrating on it. Look up information in journals, books, newspapers or the internet. The most important thing, keep a journal for and take notes.
  • Go through other case studies which are on similar topics. But take care not to replicate matter. You might find a problem which needs a solution and you might just come up with it.
  • Instead of making up stuff it would be a good idea to interview real live people. Try experts in a specific field or customers who have used a service. They would serve as good examples. Personal interviews always give a good feel and flow to the case study. You should collect as much information as you can from them. You need not quote them word to word. Write it in your own words and give it a more qualitative feel. The people you are interviewing should know your purpose. If required certain situations might need waivers. Please note that you should not be asking any controversial questions.
  • Once you are done with all your preliminaries start with your case study and keep the right flow – a proper introduction, background info, findings, and conclusion.

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