7 Tips to solve complex programming assignments

7 Tips To Solve Complex Programming Assignments

Every Programming Assignment given to a software developer is meant to see how well they can program and even it is given to ensure that he or she adheres to the practices and the writing of code which the person who is reviewing it will want to work with.

These coding and programming challenges come with written instructions which need to be carefully read so that they are understood in totality. They need to be followed to the letter. Here are some tips which will come in handy when solving complex programming assignments:

  • You need to have a plan. Most people want to jump straight into coding and make-up things as they move along but when you sketch the main pieces you find it is easier to work and you can spot out issues and correct them sooner.
  • It should be simple to run and it should have a good readme file. A reviewer usually spends time in running the program and they usually do not refer to the documentation which is supplied. Also, you need to ensure that you make things crystal clear as the persons running the assignment may not have the same libraries or even the same operating system that you use. Therefore, the program should be organized so the conventions are adhered to and also the installation steps need to be written.
  • The solutions should be driven out with tests. You should write tests for coding challenges Even if you are under tight deadlines, tests may decrease your speed initially but they help in developing more robust solutions.
  • You should focus on the input of the tests and you should also in addition to it cover the edge cases. There should be details on how the app will react when the values are not in the format of the test input or when there are null values.
  • The code should be readable and it should be easy for a person to follow. There should be special care taken when there is the naming of classes or variables or functions as well as methods. The code should be broken down into small chunks rather than running along endlessly and comments should be used sparingly.
  • If you need help it is perfectly acceptable to research for algorithms which can be used and to use the one which is most appropriate. However, you should not use one that you do not understand.
  • Your solution should be refactored and checked for errors. Any silly mistake could make the reviewer feel that you do not know what you are supposed to be doing,

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