Video Games - Develop Cognitive Skills

10 Video Games that improves cognitive skills

Video games are the best entertainment options that are loved by many kids. However, not every parent of the kid would encourage them to play video games, as it is considered to be a time waster. However, when kids play video games, it improves their cognitive ability and start to think beyond the box. You can notice the difference in the imagination and cognitive abilities I the kids who play video games from the kids who do not play it. These games would let kids to cope up with stress and make them more intelligent. This strengthens the cognitive skills, problem solving ability and reasoning. Kids who play shooter games can reap more cognitive benefits.

The video games make kids improve their brain and make them smarter. This gives arduous workouts for their brain while giving them ample fun as per online tutoring instructors. This will let kids to master cognitive and mortar demands. When players would strive to win the game, their brain start to learn taking pressure and make them grow physically. Many researchers have found video games to be weightlifters to the brain.

Here are the top 10 video games that you can play to boost your cognitive abilities include

Starcraft: This is an interesting strategic game where aliens will fight with other alien species to gain dominance. Every species embrace different fighting tactics to win over another. In this game, the player would learn to manage resources effectively. A plethora of studies found that this game would improve brain flexibility in kids and make them intelligent.

Xcom Enemy unknown: This is a science fiction strategy game that lets players have control over the human fate of operating and thoroughly researching about the alien technologies. In addition, they also plan fight missions and control movement of soldiers in the battle.

Civilization: This civilization 6 game is all time favorite strategy game of game lovers. The players in the game strive to become the rules of the world by creating civilization from the birth of man to the space age. This has many wars, finding new technologies and going on par with history leaders.

Overwatch: This can be played by multiple players where the first person shooter and the fight takes place between different personalities like soldiers, scientists, mercenaries, etc. The action sequences are highly intense in the game. You would have option to select character, position of the enemy and map layout. There are different weapons available to play this game, where the human brain is considered to be the most powerful weapon of all. To play this game, one should have good decision making abilities, hand and eye coordination.

Titan fall: This is a shooter game that has control over pilots. This has future warfare’s and has complete control over the x-ray vision and to regenerate speed boosts. Players can keep on changing the tactics as and when they fly.

Destiny: This is the game where players become guardians of the last city that exists on the earth. They have great power to find the ruined solar systems and fight against the enemies who are destroying the earth. Players can customize the weapons and interface. This is a role and multi player games.

Diablo: In this game, the player can choose any character, wizard, doctor, barbarian and crusader to defeat Diablo. You need to gather weapons, armors, magic items to fight with demons.

Video Games - Develop Cognitive Skills

Witcher 3: In this game, you would be the Geralt of Riva who would be in search of this missing adopted daughter. This has a lot of action sequences, adventures and buying and selling of gold. Players would need to collect magic’s, weapons and potions to fight with monsters. This will improve on managing resources and let players learn on how to attain goals.

The Elder scrolls: In this game, the player would wander on the land of skyrim that has jails, towns and cities. The player will ride on a horse to discover the previously visiting locations. The character can choose weapons, magic and armors to fight.

Mass effect: This game is a science fiction game where the player has to take decisions and every decision has a great impact. This game has many actions and good storyline that keep you engaged while boosting your cognitive ability.


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