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Master The Various Referencing Styles

When students are asked to write an academic work, they are required to acknowledge the sources used. This is done by including the citation in the text like the author’s name or a number beside the material that has been used. This citation would lead the reader to the full reference which would be included in the list given at the end. Now there are established referencing styles and systems to which you reference your sources.

The next question that arises is which style or system to use? For project reports, essays, dissertations, and thesis, you would need to check with your school or Department as to which style or system you should be using. If they are not particular then you can make your own choice. However, you need to be consistent. In case you are writing something for an academic journal, then the publisher’s recommended house style needs to be used. The right form of referencing lets a student avoid plagiarism. And also it leads to academic integrity.

There are several styles of referencing and citing like APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and so on. Each of them has their own manuals stating the particular rules which need to be followed. Let us look at these referencing styles in brief. Students following these rules and the manuals would be able to master the referencing styles pretty soon.

APA – In the APA style, the author’s name is included in the text. An in-text citation includes the author’s name, publication year and page numbers which are all separated by a comma. Reference list entries put the year inside brackets beside the author’s name. APA generally uses the first initials. This style is mostly used in Business, Education, and certain Humanities or Social Sciences disciplines.

Chicago referencing – The author’s name is instead put in a footnote or as an endnote. This style is used by very particular disciplines. It needs a superscript number after paraphrased or quoted text. Each citation needs to be numbered sequentially through the whole document.

Harvard – The author’s name is included in the text. This style is used by exclusive disciplines. When you use direct quotes or paraphrases in text citations are used. These are in the main body and have fragments of the entire citation. The reference lists come at the end and show full citations.

MLA – Once again the author’s name comes in the text. An In text citation does not include the years or any commas. Cited entry includes the year almost to the end of the entry. MLA uses the complete first names and has the medium right at the entry end. This style is mostly used in Media and English Studies.

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