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How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact the future of education?

Artificial intelligence is bringing huge changes in the education world. It has already created waves in various industries by improving the research and analytics work. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize education sector as well. Though, currently there are no humanoid robots to teach the students, but AI will definitely help both the teachers and  the students to elevate the learning experience. In fact, this AI tool is having a huge impact on the future of education. The best part of AI is that, it does not detract the instructions given by teachers in the classroom, but will boost those in various ways.

Some cool  things that Artificial Intelligence will bring along with it are:

1. Give personalized learning experience: It is challenging for a teacher to teach with the pace of every student in the classroom. Every student learns at his or her own pace. AI will help the to analyze the strengths and weakness of every student and then teach as per the learning needs of every student. This helps the student to understand and analyse the topics at his own pace. This also gives them a great learning experience and helps them to master every concept taught in the classroom easily. Understanding the basics in the classroom will help them to learn the complicated topics with ease.

2. Online Tutoring: This is already on the cards of AI. The machines are taking up the responsibilities of tutoring students. The intelligent tutoring system will gauge the knowledge that a student has on a particular topic and then customize the instructions as per their knowledge level. This helps students to learn concepts with ease. When the student knowledge is analyzed, these computerized tutors can know from where they should start teaching

3. Grading: This is the most challenging and tedious task in the teaching process where teachers should plan lessons and provide personality development training. The machines will not just give grade based on the answers given by the students for the questions, but also compile data on the student’s performance. In addition, this AI is able to correct the essay questions answered by the students instead of just the correcting the multiple choice or fill in the blanks questions

4. Feedback on the quality of course: When a student performance is gauged on the assessments, the AI can analyze the gaps in the content. For instance, the students have not answered a question or have answered a single question incorrectly, AI would give zero marks to this information. The teachers should focus more on imparting knowledge to the students on this concept. This helps them to understand the weak areas of the student and focus more on it to make them excel in that particular concept quickly.

5. Give quick feedback to students:The feedback shared will be based on the education and extra-curricular activities performance till date. AI will analyse the historic performance data and identify the personality traits of the student and thus give feedback on overall development and career path to be taken.

Like every other industry, Artificial Intelligence is going to complete revolutionize the education in future.

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